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  • 00:00: hello dear harmonics today we have March 1 and came time to plant tall tomatoes indeterminate tomato and we We will grow in outdoors, we we will sow be much later somewhere in the end of March and now we are Network most tall the main thing we need previously
  • 00:31: prepare the case in is that if you are like me City lot at once varieties that preliminary prepare it and eat basic that we need to successfully all we did not happen confused and sow them because we need to that we need to the first place required land earth as it is prepare
  • 01:01: So I said the land already provisionally video you it can we also see need disposable cups in a we will sign them, they You must be signed and we are where we put our tomato seeds what for to previously prepare their seeds that if you do so I like me in there somewhere
  • 01:33: someone sends you order and so that is, they continue to may be able to go in the winter come to you only but I do not chilled them desirable anyway prepare and disinfect so on that we will we will use use warm water here we have somewhere 60 degrees for to their little warm up somewhere we fill it with half an hour our seeds warm water we will continue them decontaminate
  • 02:06: solution fitosporin how to cook, too I did or you can see and Later we soak in a solution of zircon as it will be occur on half an hour looking for the head, we just soaked in warm water and 60 degrees then neatly drain he this water at 1 hour 1 hour we soaked in solution fitosporin that this should be done
  • 02:36: literally over himself barely cover the solution should be too warm not clean Of course tepid the solution to people warm water to make solution for 1 hour had I repeat in solution fitosporin Next, we need to seeds Rinse from this solution for this we need percolator it is also about as I did when He prepared me for pier you can too see this certain spots after we
  • 03:08: washed and you slept Semenovna same important thing is not the cup confused all the time use one and the the cup he we signed the seeds of it anywhere I do not disappear before moment until we started planting and after As we washed, we soak already zircon three hours to three hours again, zircon also a small number cover seeds three o'clock to put here Now I do, and
  • 03:38: we'll break for Summer is the time for then we will there as a family to we will prepare already sow them for it must also previously need to prepare cook here are here UMZ since we will sow and seedlings to seedlings why the heart is not great The fact that determinate varieties it's desirable Che with them through the tit well acclimatized tomatoes and when they even a few
  • 04:10: transplants but can to do that is if they draw folded me he more broth over greater capacity replant tomatoes therefore we sow seedlings and calmly then they just swooping already larger capacity but we need to seedlings somewhere here such here capacity that here I am in this example I used well It is simply cut off vederochko mayonnaise for example, or from the ice cream height is such capacity must
  • 04:41: 30 somewhere centimeter 4 all of us all trained more only must remind be natural water when we sit or desirable all sprayer Now I will soak the seeds already prervomsya before I will have to sow them I brought here to give past position time to Our seeds are soaked
  • 05:12: see solutions The latter solution in We had Zircon passed 3:00 can now this solution merge but this time we are no longer seeds tram can simply merge and gat shift that immediately as we are now plant for Example 1 then sort and I
  • 05:47: show on cloth our seeds lay it was convenient to take take the same grade signed little capacity to bottom pour water water should be warm is better if there and the water is like mine Now type them our good land court
  • 06:21: a little bit of it trombone where centimeter reserve align spoon all rush here necessarily capacity 7 to have it
  • 06:55: We had not a lot grid must be somewhere on the half preferably two to six two centimeters We spread our seminar now we have centimeter layer it's all sprinkle we like just about centimeter to the left top here in this case,
  • 07:25: whose similar so I fetch up sprinkle will not all also seals neatly so that us when seeds germinated all the husks came off all the good land top cover
  • 07:56: seed planted us remains naturally clean it's all a cellophane bag and as usual It shows in about for a maximum of 7 days we have it all includes but it is usually a day or four we already have it starts to descend and we must naturally will be put right as a bright light all Today now I sow the remaining tall varieties
  • 08:26: tomatoes here and wait shoots to the following meetings until