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▶ Stricken mit eliZZZa * Strickmuster "Pusteblume" - YouTube\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aOriginal pattern of knitting by spokes.  See details »



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  • 00:00: I am preparing for you just a adorable manual before one delightful strictly manual with a baby set consisting of trousers and jacket cap with an equally delightful knitting pattern and I will show you Today ever anticipate I call it pusteblume no idea how it in fact, it is based on a art patent pattern on a variation one patent pattern and you need
  • 00:30: a mesh is charged by six plus two plus two handbags I have it 22 mesh struck the expressions an edge stitch two mesh right, a mesh we begin equal to the patent had on best described as a mesh left to take off with envelope mesh on the needle two right, a mesh with the left stand envelope mesh on the needle two
  • 01:01: a lift right left front cover on nato two stitches right, a left Lift the cover on the needle always so continue to the end of the row until the end of the row to the left stand envelope remains is on the needle Do not forget at the end of two stitch right and a handbag and the second series of this patent has that
  • 01:32: an edge mesh two stitches on the left and the next mesh together with the envelope Right knit two stitches left me call it now a double mesh the double mesh right, two left mesh the mesh with envelope so the double mesh right like a mesh from stretch mesh two left the double
  • 02:02: Knit matches a mesh right two left, a right on and on so and it strictly du rows three So one another roundtrip just as the first two stitches backbone the right one to take off with the left envelope
  • 02:33: two right one left with cover on the needle stand and then another sufficient nor a return and now The pattern begins an edge mesh two stitch the left so that the first had rey and from the next double mesh we knit five stitches out right knit envelope right knitting knit envelope right and two
  • 03:03: mesh left the next double mesh Right knit two stitches on the left and again five stitches sticking out emma knit and knit one envelope and Knit one envelope makes five people two stitches on the left and a double mesh knit two right mesh mesh left and again five
  • 03:32: stick out as emma knit to 1 envelope is knit two is three envelope four stretch to 52 mesh left right double two mesh mesh Left to this was the first had rey and since we now knit rows three about it were the mesh as appear but taking care to patient had an edge mesh two
  • 04:02: mesh right individual mesh is left lifted with front cover on the needle two stitches right these are mesh-five and left knitted 1234 52 stitches on the right the single left mesh left to take off with cover on the needle two stitches right five
  • 04:32: mesh mesh left 3452 right one left to deal with cover on the needle two mesh-right five stitches left and two mesh-right and one handbag and even a sufficiently
  • 05:04: So even a back row next mesh mesh sufficiently two left five stitches right, two left mesh and the double mesh back right and so on So after the third travel to the
  • 05:31: return again edge out a series mesh two stitches left and now these five mesh knitted together to While you lift two mesh them together such right stricken from knits three stitches the next three right along you see it's quite beautiful strict and lifts the two raised over the mesh knitted together two stitches left the
  • 06:05: double machine right knit two mesh-left and back together So stretch two mesh together as stretch for the right stand three stitches I knit right along hope you have the elastic needle I used bamboo needles that break not too light and raised two Pull over and stitch stitch two
  • 06:34: left the next double mesh right Knit two stitches left and again together Knit two stitches together stand right you can be a the next three stitches where and styles make little if you do too much space you knit together and the two
  • 07:00: raised mesh it draw two mesh left the double mesh right two stitches on the left and a handbag that's a bit of eye and a roundtrip about knit the stitches as they appear the left mesh with cover on the
  • 07:32: needle so an edge mesh two mesh stand right left with envelope nato two stitches right left stand with two mesh envelope right Lift the left with envelope and so on the envelopes you must not forget otherwise the patent pattern was wrong
  • 08:07: so and now is the pattern now displaced are again the five mesh protruded on the rippchen where we So have not previously made it a handbag two stitches left the double-entry right, two left and mesh
  • 08:30: now five stitches sticking out that the next double mesh as a right envelope a right envelope a right, two left mesh double mesh right, two left mesh and again five stick out a right envelope a right envelope a right, two left mesh
  • 09:01: the double mesh right, two mesh left and another five out knit right envelope right envelope right and two left mesh and a purse because now again three pure about it so rand mesh two mesh-right
  • 09:33: five Meschen left two non-mesh-right and in between The envelopes have forgotten between a stand with the left front cover on the nato two right again five left so three rows in between then again knitted together an edge mesh two
  • 10:02: mesh-left double mesh right two mesh left two mesh-like stand knit right three mesh-right knit together and lifted it draw two mesh-left double mesh right two
  • 10:34: mesh left two mensen such right knit stand knit together three knit right along the raised also draw two stitches left double mesh right, two left mesh and once again knit together two
  • 11:04: together stand out as the right knit three stitches together right knit pull raised about and two mesh-left and a handbag now about one roundtrip knitting and then the pattern begins again ence that is, with the first rey had another five stitch up
  • 11:30: Sticking Out staggered so and so looks this adorable pattern of I'll show you once briefly the instructions with cent this jäckchen a hat and a trousers to how we in the next few days online to give