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Adjustment of metaloplastikovy windows and doors the hands - ours-master.kiev.ua - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Where Welcome to this video tutorial we will show you as adjust metalloplastikovaja when suddenly a window on some reason she start overwrite pairs or tight adhere to this we need a set of hexagons and conventional Phillips
  • 00:30: screwdriver and so proceed metal and plastic windows and balcony the door is usually equipped with two loops one upper and a lower bottom a loop adjusts shutter on upwardly and down and right and left to adjust the rare
  • 01:00: down deprotected to take cover hexagon of our recruitment and proceed to sash lift up hex twist clockwise arrow is used for when the flap overwrites the bottom pairs in order to
  • 01:37: our lower flap if we suddenly overwrites the top we Allen twist counterclockwise arrow thereby dropping the sport ready to adjust fold or right or Left if she begins to overwrite on the sides, we we use another which is located side to a him get
  • 02:07: it is more convenient to open turning our window Allen on clockwise or counter-clockwise arrow accordingly, we adjust our fold or right or left depending on a which side it starts to pick up Do it now adjust the top loop upper loop regulating flap or the right or left depending on a
  • 02:37: which side it starts to pick up regulated valve using the same of the hexagon in the direction of clockwise or counter-clockwise arrow respectively moving or fear left or right depending on a which side it It begins with us herded after we finished adjust the top hinges and our niche door or window
  • 03:07: closes It does not open Bullies can Aram to begin Pressure adjustment leaf if there is necessity the need can be check using normal bills when we are closing flap denomination It should fit nestle between frame and sash if free bill
  • 03:40: walks then fold needs to additional Pressure adjustment to adjust pressing us need key 9 or ordinary Paid scars this case we use accessories maco clamp regulated by turning the eccentric clockwise or counterclockwise thereby reducing
  • 04:10: the distance from the edge frame house edge eccentric than less than the distance the tighter will clamp your assembly unions located perimeter around the entire leaf and before to begin adjustment check the seats in which is need to do another important
  • 04:42: moment to extend the service life your accessories I should be kept clean especially pay attention to the top part of the leaf since after installing windows and finishing slopes so it remains very many thanks garbage for your attention at