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  • 00:15: in order to do bear out balls, we need Here is such a naborchik which It can be purchased at Online set includes Linking little hearts balloons sausages and only until
  • 00:33: First you need to Linking we need them to be 8 Now we inflate the seam 4 smaller and more 2 display when in Merlin complete 12 Come I need on the 4 pieces of 9
  • 01:00: I will send Permian the same size inflate graders more now linked all to associate one the large ring we have two small one The longer you and accurately the continuation of two little one a large circle must get
  • 01:35: circling around it at We lower part Now two bags Two more training the division of it for the It has to interconnect high
  • 02:00: and pour this or milky white golden sets this we will Mishkin body worse have we got to head us 3 will need a size
  • 02:40: triangle need here to sign our prose here 1 herein and the compound. they quietly add small details mean pink Ball gave you legs
  • 03:01: go Now we will do somewhere on 6 bind.
  • 03:55: let's talk it will be
  • 04:07: is it we have just for insurance back to good held its minimum how much I want to down related here girl bound together after bound Now this form
  • 04:33: we do now eyes eyes make simply slide We make getting both
  • 05:00: sticky side all children set up to do 24.
  • 05:54: and these in here
  • 06:01: human these gangs are always can understand the It may be curative red in general love these bows you need so you We decided to make silver and as they say, too, you buy and do yet bow and do too
  • 06:37: a bear with us turned