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  • 00:00: before I do the tip of the nose I'm going to put a little surround in fairing the idea of that it's same as the idea of what I was doing the eyes is
  • 00:32: to put some kind of background in so when we produce those put something to work with work against so we're doing that now I can see there's so much contrast we need and so on now sorry the nose we put white all over because it is going to be a light color so we need a
  • 01:03: light race then later that's what we need there let's make sure we don't leave any personal paper showing through right now this is a one by one which is the pink you know what we want to put this is very strong color so we don't want to put too much on so I'm being very light with my application also just around the nostril area here it's going
  • 01:36: to be enough to quite light so we to be better in mine that's it now this color is our ok this is 187 once again not too much light color light touch but there can you see me can you see the
  • 02:06: light that i left around there now make that a little bit more obvious i'm going to put the nostril in here now so that back the white before it we've got something to work with now that will fade away and we mean we bring some white back in here just to winco that look more realistic good yeah right
  • 02:42: inside there we'll need brown now again I'm not going to put the black on just yet that will become afterwards oh you know to swim there too and that won't come any further and that good so far so good now you know need to and use the
  • 03:13: white pencil just to bring back in here a little bit of white you do this two or three times in fact if you get it right first time it was just returned it's always a good idea when you're doing something like this to make it not too strong so that you can actually return without having to worry too much about
  • 03:43: the darker colors now that's quite nice there now Justin here just put it in for you we have a little bit of like a division like that we need to put that in and I can put that in with Pam there will be outside edge you can't bring in bit more strength see how I'm working
  • 04:17: all the pencils into each other that's now pretty obvious now around that edge but right on this edge I'm going to put just as merest hint of dark brown now that as it stands at the moment is too strong but I Premier Li 187 that was done with the dark brown I've been in
  • 04:49: the 18 17 like we've done before we can then just make that a little bit less is now that's very nice that's almost there we can just make it just a little bit more will be clear slightly more than i wanted to because once again you can use any colors we've had before to bring and blend the correct toning
  • 05:20: a little bit more wine they assume that as an entirety you can see how easy it is once you follow the rules now that's pretty good now we can afford the black going in black in here now because we've gone we put the brown in here first we've got put black on top and then
  • 05:53: bring background there and they're just like that back in with the white or finally should I say him with the white so that we get
  • 06:24: that final lighten coming around yeah just a little touch of light on the other side of that making tweaking and with their I think we can call that the day we're going to put open for black up there because that would be too strong we can leave it you