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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors site you ru ru.com In this video tutorial I once again I would like to to touch the subject security reason again because My site enough video tutorials and articles on site security and the removal of various Virus why I have just wanted to to address this topic very simple me cracked and very seriously so seriously what my Knowledge for removal I did not have the virus I did everything standard actions which are described in the
  • 00:30: pages of the site but the virus and stayed until My virus is not hacked Only my computer but also our website with your site my friends terror dot com before after what I found on the net long enough sought and the principle of our I stumbled by chance on one site virus info but where its authors help free get rid of Viruses on Your Computer
  • 01:00: in general, I read instruction and I followed her after then burst into tears on virtual shoulders guys from infa on virus forum and they told me then helped proved me He was found still intact pack of viruses I do not even I suspected so Well for starters start I understand if you do not We were able to remove the virus those ways which is described in my e.g. via utilities and the doctor's web if
  • 01:30: Would you like to see just type in a lesson search query like check your computer a virus that's you but this will be a lesson if you do not then they will I advise you to go to Site viruses info here at the very the main page website there are instructions but here are three steps to get help computer drive just follow it and basically anything difficult is not here but I just in case
  • 02:00: briefly to explain well, step 1 is to undergo the procedure of registration registration here absolutely the same as well as any other forum that is like there your name out there login under which you want to be on after which the level of strictly speaking there is your personal an account on the forum yes Now I have all so I have not recorded It should be the second step perform a series of action under instructions and so It proposed here to start the download
  • 02:31: the rules currently on version a computer that advise you because there should be will guide sometimes disconnected from Internet respectively watch online you can not just Now click on the link rule is zip, and you rule are downloaded and then extract them about I unpack also shot a video lesson Again, in the search Simply enter how unpack the archive and click Search, and so followed by the actual speaking description and instructions here first if your item
  • 03:02: a computer locked follow the instructions given in this Related simply click send this topic the topic and open thread forum where I was given most detailed instructions on how and what do explain here nothing special because all painted but I do not was the second point in I was not there when your files Put encrypted some such files on file sharing Now I began to third paragraph, if you have antivirus update the database and Carry out a complete
  • 03:32: computer check Now I have been screaming Kaspersky but unfortunately I Overdue just key possible so viruses penetrated directly a month before penetration I I overdue keys for some reason it is not particularly I attach importance this in general in general then I paid for this after I realized what I Kaspersky is not I Browse all antivirus eset nod yes and here a month free
  • 04:03: use after check my there were some dozens of different malware and even a few Trojans and so after then I became act as the It mentioned in the fourth paragraph and in the fourth said point to you need to check using computer utilities a doctor web or from utilities Kaspersky Just in case I I tested it for this In order to download them click on appropriately links by the way of how to check utility Doctor web cureit I just
  • 04:34: still and talked to one of his videos lesson that is in the where as a check computer viruses Check here all very simple yes make full Scan in safe mode of how to go to I safe mode already told well I think you already know reboot computer and press f8 often not pinch there is press 1 second or less then you pops up a window serving how to download your computer and
  • 05:04: simply choose safe mode but previously to this necessarily download Doctor Web I smoked all the time and cureit I call and smoked and payment of laboratory Kaspersky chat download them at desktop to they were either in your the folder in which you remember when how do you check it and and if there the virus respectively treat and they curable remove it usually offered in After checking all after all
  • 05:34: check will be done return to this instructions or else opens this instructions that Downloads they are absolutely same and proceed further then you need to download anti-virus utility and for downloading from here just by clicking on the link and it downloaded and utility hi jack dice it downloaded individual site it just opens press after donload
  • 06:04: what's written here Your jumps will after 43 seconds then have all jump too began then just set them unpack for you and how I also unpack I told unpacking archives I think with that you too cope article here in great detail and and no problems at do not occur should this post you all these program Download
  • 06:34: unpack there instructions about what do explain yourself nothing special then that everything here painted and + added pictures in order to Zoom in simply click on It is open almost full screen and all it becomes clear so after you all about diagnosed by that instructions described herein create a new topic in help section if you do not know how create a new topic just click on
  • 07:04: create a new link theme and will be opened instructions creation but in principle there again nothing difficult so you can immediately move to and help you opens as a matter of fact this section To add a new theme just click link a new topic you have the field for filling header and golf describe your describe the problem as detailed as possible and
  • 07:34: titles do not need simply write help and write I suppose there hacked computers I do not know where that is like that but yes here in the instructions it is written that it is necessary add those files to be that will appear in Diagnostic for to add a go down when write an email click management attachments have opens a new window in which you must be up and download files just click add files after then select
  • 08:05: select the file and click and choose those files are there written it says with no mistaken that file info virus sus virus check and info uzkur not know so not so pronounced then press open files and bulwark They all come to an end Now is not swayed choose them press insert online click Finish
  • 08:36: Now your files added and actually you when write message and caption and messages can press and create a new topic just waiting for a response then you will given some instructions that were given to me I'm so here in detail I described and after implementation and me you do your whole
  • 09:06: pack viruses and different malware I do not even suspected that the I have because It seemed like Antivirus checked and then I brushed files located at me already a server then there is a separate you will not have to site and the virus was gone that is, it turned out that that I really business computer It was such a virus who stole my codes and passwords Host access to which is located teruro site like this I hope that's if
  • 09:38: suddenly you are serious problems with you viruses using my thank you for advice attention to the meeting in the following video lessons yet