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Lunar calendar of the gardener for 2014 from Valery Medvedev - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello dear mountain race Firstly congratulations all a Happy Happy New Year and hence with Happy new season I would like to in This year, a new gardening season was more successful than as for the previous it is desirable carry out all the work on a particular plan It therefore seems you my moon
  • 00:30: gardener's calendar so here it looks my calendar to view nothing interesting just pictures certain phases of the moon but this is the first look at the fact all useful Private information It was under these eg pictures If we sum cursor to the February 11 there are 11 pictures of the moon
  • 01:01: February, we immediately We see what pops up clue where says that it most favorable time to sow tall tomatoes Of course if you do not have lighting and we have another click next to this then we get to article where we can to learn in detail how
  • 01:31: do that is how to plant the tomato like this will be arranged there calendar each smart will bear some the information so we again we are on lunar calendar and all gardeners I I offer to take part in its Filling the fact this calendar too subjective because I I spread it only about
  • 02:01: those cultures that I myself grow if you have information of planting dates and growing each their cultures please write in a comment and this information fall in the calendar have a look Search tips this is very exciting activity which It helps you achieve high yields
  • 02:31: see you soon