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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls needlewoman and again at the video on our Polled knitting under this scheme and so again, scheme is not very good quality girls if you want to say so get a good knitting explanation with the scheme and please send circuit in good as that on will not increase Here you beat so for example, if all of a sudden I want show some fragment see yes project takes place
  • 00:32: pixelation and practically it is impossible to understand what here you are coming so try to look Still scheme good quality and the you basically knit on them will be much convenient again very simple scheme here simply everything This scheme is circular knitting what we're We do here in the first place This ring is not Unknown number loops usually if This ring consists of
  • 01:02: amount of a the stitches necessarily indicated tsiferka How many loops not listed here hence I conclude that is we ring amigurumi or Moving loop and we have an internal knit loop 1 2 3 recovery So they have identified and then two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 columns with one
  • 01:32: sc with three lifting loops just happen as to 12 columns in a circle next next series, we again do 3 lifting loop 1 2 3 and about knit a column with one sc in the same loop where we actually made three loops lift here here here in this chain of air loops and and ie the upper hinge
  • 02:02: we can do it as a as if out of this loop out two columns with one sc further we Again two provyazyvaem column one sc in one loop in previous column and We repeat this on Throughout the series that is all we have should have twenty four column one sc let recalculate times two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen
  • 02:32: eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty one of twenty-two twenty-three and twenty Four remind that lifting loop counted as one bar and more again making 3 loops rise in the same loop provyazyvaem 1 column one sc further continues simple principle knitting circle I there is a video lesson knitting circle from columns without sc the only difference there is only is that if we were binding
  • 03:02: columns, without sc we do 6 in a series of additions if we were binding columns with one nakida we do 12 in a series of additions we actually we continue to do farther We did 3 loops lifting knit in the same column with the loop next sc knit Single column with next sc 2 again provyazyvaem column 1 following that is all we We do 12 reps row, and now we have 12 single columns
  • 03:33: to get so go to next row again We are doing 12 additions and all the rest here to a loop that we go well provyazyvaem It is simply one in a let's say one column with sc in one previous bar and so We continue to knit on circle circuit is very Easy if something I did not understand necessarily video lesson on knitting circle and columns with one sc on it all
  • 04:04: if you were interesting Be sure to Huskies write me ask your I will question I try them meet at least time permitting,