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  • 00:00: in this video I want you show my method eyebrows and with a pencil and after that I 'll take off another video is already on my sister is not particularly eyebrows with shadows and each poverty is fictitious more convenient to use and what cases 2 mussels to the question to our day I will answer so depends from what condition your eyebrows at the moment and what effect do you have want to achieve for example if you
  • 00:30: need to draw hair where there are none just on on the white skin then it is more convenient to use pencil because they are first more tald racks and pencils do not let go flat fixing them paint on the skin and effect is creates an effect like have hair and yet that I I can say this pencil can be very easy to do Here are some of the strikes for example, here you are I'll show these here Here are the hairs here here are some Hairs see and this looks as if
  • 01:01: there hairs grow shadows of this effect almost do not reach or reach at very very difficult so the shadows very beautifully paint over such as yours beautiful eyebrow but you want a little bit can not paint over is it more to say more complete you take shadows and paint the whole form prague when when shadows as if in so paint over gap between hairs That's very beautiful I want very much well-groomed beautiful the form but for example here draw shadows it
  • 01:31: will not be beautiful and not there will be so many it will be very convenient to me made another video where will I use technique of shadows name on my sister because that he has such eyebrows on which it the technique of shadows is very very convenient and beautifully therefore I I think you will be more it is clear We begin at help here such here and a brush it's like brush from the carcass by the way use any brush of an old carcass simple wash and so that it is clean and without product and all or
  • 02:01: usually such brushes and go together here in with with eyebrow pencil this is my poppy in color brunette and so on in general it's combed up and then a little bit up so we add the brow house as they say in a little bit smooth these here Hairs and look with what do we lack where we need dorisovat the form the which we is needed
  • 02:31: yet I forgot say is that today on today is is not relevant when the eyebrow looks very very artificial and drawn they must be maintained and full of beautiful wide bright but not know neither as a line black but I say it in order that even guessing in their draw paint and for in order to maximally adhere to their naturalness for this I often
  • 03:01: I use two two colors are an example Today I will work two colors is maktab pencil and this is the magician is not there and start of the dark shade and paint over the arc or as I do not even know how to right here painting over again start with moments where we have should be the most dark this is the arc the arch itself and the tail it is very important to work
  • 03:33: little pruning not just like you draw so a strip started and went but these small small short stitches because this stimulus is writing like simulates the effect hairs and thinner you have a theme pencil more getting it precisely as an effect hairs and thicker who pencil the effect is like as from the shadows just for what color is here from the highest point a little bit raising that at me it is an arch not as much as his
  • 04:04: natural visible and a little bit lift and then we extend the Ruth because that in my case lengthening the eyebrow is number one is what I need need something then me to be achieved here a little bit we it was darkened there where there is hairs now take tassel for eyebrows and it's all a little bit shading for in order to mitigate mitigate the effect there was no to know the effect
  • 04:34: such drawn that's how it is a little bit combs between hairs and you can see at once such more shivered hope you can see more feathered effect here and after that I'm the first more light color we will this can not effect a little bit small gradient in order to simply well-groomed beautiful s beautiful form but not drawn as black and white know because it's already a little store then we we want of course look like yourself young here I take lighter pencil
  • 05:04: this is my poppy in color will be by the way because can be used any products any pencils are in general, select what do you like main choose hue yes about the light products for eyebrows I must say that Always it is necessary first understand your hue the hue is selected spiderweb here for example I have a brunette on me I have a shade of this grayish ashy so all products
  • 05:34: for the eyebrows I choose the same ones for a little gray podton if you have hair such more to chocolate eggplants and brown so further red then your eyebrow tint should flow for example brown you even the science of things to the nose were dark warm shade here such it's skiers therefore it is very important and 2 what you need to say by color it must be chosen always products for eyebrows for two or three tones lighter than yours
  • 06:05: natural hair because at first it seems to be necessary play hair color but then when paint over eyebrows it turns out something very very very dark therefore for example my poppy then he it seems very light on video's enemies see black and here this perfect tint of brunette he generally on almost visible on the hand well here this is my ideal hue both therefore would you like to order knew beforehand
  • 06:35: that while you come to this conclusion, you are already a cube is only three or four pencil and understand what is 5 you on really suits also always seems what should be selected under perfectly stretched to the right but when is it all decorate something turns out not beautiful at all is an old you too dark now take a second shade lighter and we paint them here namely the beginning of the eyebrow because here's the top others should be lighter than the arch and than the tail is attached so very well-groomed
  • 07:05: but the natural effect now the whole trend in- kind so here wherever you are you can achieve naturalness maximum lead simulate paint and but what does it look like as if you these eyebrows natural therefore this is where we started we will draw already shades lighter you probably have often seen girls who was there and there from here begins black throw it looks to be honest not and not in general then like that, too, again same short
  • 07:35: I hope for you it is seen so we go through the same svetlenky near the city jack by themselves the edges like this and also we take a brush brush is always
  • 08:05: more use of the the better and again it's all a bit comb to mitigate the effect drawn sti here and all one group we finished a little bit If I adhere to ideal shape eyebrows theoretically ideal shape eyebrow I should have was still a little bit a little dorisovat probably can a little kartika but I for example, purely my face form I realized that when this
  • 08:35: I look like salt a little older than me told you that length right answers for the age of so I I do not want to give birth I will do as much as I can what to look younger this we leave so then same for the second first black color start from those places where we need finish namely the hair and then we will be smooth out the whole form nickname does not happen but not
  • 09:10: all the different you see me this eyebrow a little just below grandfather it's a little a little higher and all so just need to understand which no higher and pencil or shadows you are also de couleur de for example if it is marriage below I owe her have somehow left now the bottom contour not dorisovany here I am this is all a bit soften with a brush a top draw slightly higher and this is taken on the contrary upper cuat placed dorisovany and Doris just a little bit slightly
  • 09:41: lower than the pond itself and such as tricks and the eyebrow is immediately aligned and now take this pencil lighter and will draw that's the beginning of the eyebrow like me I told you he This eyebrow I will and leave the top the contour is not dorisovyvaem a little bit of a little more down on it's really nobody does not see never will see but if you Look and see Idealists and if you take a closer look
  • 10:11: mirror you will see what was above you what is lower and if you an idealist and like me and you want your just super then this leave without attention is impossible the same effect gradient for example that the horde there should be shadows the tail of the shadow and the beginning take and be lighter than that same effect can be achieved with one product by one color by one pencil but how is it do it a little bit
  • 10:41: to use it do so here when when are you now keep perpendicular to your to your skin it draws more clearly the color is darker here for you I will show here such color and when you do it slightly cant he draws a some kind of this the haze here is right for you it's increasingly clear where you need darker you hold like this pencil right here for example arv draw now I'm like this
  • 11:11: it was seen like this Army and tail at the beginning you eyebrow him keep here and around first he draws immediately greater area therefore easiest to fill this big one is this as big as territory is such movements and more color less intensive therefore it is very such a very trick and of course the final stage is bracing not a sign called geysers probably
  • 11:42: in Russian will throw in overall they happen different are color they are transparent if you are already good barbie then you are one product can generally be enough for important pro for eyebrows to just their calculation comb this with a brush at the same time fill the gap dye and and and how become and lay down straight in the correct form that's all I to you I am I always use transparent to this once took a try with color it's mine color as well as almost all colors in the bottom of color belleville from mac was taken and here with this brush
  • 12:13: so softly go by yourself eyebrows that form is not change nothing do not paint over stain it simply fixes eyebrow hair such smoothed beautiful well-groomed if the latter any eyebrow shaping this is a high-tech the very eyebrows that again when you add light here yes a little bit like can either matte or flickering effect then immediately eyebrow looks like even more beautiful and more
  • 12:43: well-groomed therefore not know you already try what do you like such as it used to be tendency to add or mother of pearl and mother-of-pearl as if like a pearl shades of light now trends matte shade you try again because the meanings just everything that you carefully on itself is what are you felt for beautiful and confident in itself is therefore very it is important that this they liked how then another example for me here are many use this mage
  • 13:14: pigment in they you him do not like the pro because he will see it seems too flickering somehow somehow cheap and not matte effect I understood how I use matte more often for each day for example if the very body of me satin only and peaceful then I I use matte spend if shadows generally minimal an example of only mascara and pencil or only mascara then you can add a little flicker on it is not will be too much you are already looking at situation for example here now I am very like from stila in this patchouli
  • 13:44: patchouli's color like this looks but I you I assure these colors there is a million of ballet in different brands this is my favorite on the moment but I'm you wanted simply show shade such a shade as called cream maybe and a little bit with so very unobtrusive radiance here they can not even say what is there glitter here sparkles not there is no satin
  • 14:14: and here just such the effect is here probably noticeably backlight effect he looks like they very natural same time effect immediately is present now bye Here we take on this a fluffy brush because that if the brush is more it causes the fetus more color if fluffy about less color only shade will convey are typed and very little will be us and this is here is the convex part under this again
  • 14:45: Effect contouring know where the light and dark in contrast create 3d volumes the volume of co2 needed somewhere on the face that's all with eyebrows we have finished hope to you this video was interesting and useful and understandable so that all the luck girls of course remember so that the very beautiful do not forget about yourself and wait for new ones video bye