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  • 00:00: wave of stretched loops we today knit here is such a interesting pattern wave of elongated loops fit it in general that simple good looking pattern in different combinations colors of yarn I'm I took two colors Knit two rows garter stitch it It has all the series and the first
  • 00:30: and the second row I knit facial Now one color will row with extended loops and repeat of this pattern 10 loops for this I dialed the sample 28 loops where they came from then repeat 2 to 10 loops 6 loops and pattern symmetry 2 extremely This turned 28 I I will show here
  • 01:00: two colors of yarn knit one color two rows Garter is There are a number of 1 February knit facial hinges and now we begin These form elongated loop here Here's the extended loops are located in staggered the I've got to be here in this place elongated loop then we first to They find that is first loop edge
  • 01:30: I rented and provyazyvayu 6 loops facial March 2 456 and now we do extended loop they pass in review I do like this sc here's to him and provyazyvayu following front loop do two sc and as
  • 02:02: provyazyvayu loop do three and sc provyazyvayu loop is we will be the most tip 3 and wave sc more down like down make 2 sc provyazyvaem loop 1 sc and provyazyvayu
  • 02:35: But beyond that knit five loops Conventional 3 ie between here these here wave will be 6 loops on here is one we already knit I sample a large let's pull means
  • 03:05: still I see three loops we do the following wave and I also do nakida provyazyvaya 2 sc provyazyvaem three sc front 2 nakida front nakida provyazyvaem here
  • 03:38: I left 5 hinges and the edge there were binding until the end a series of facial loops pulling her panties or thread that you have
  • 04:10: pull We turn this series my associate and facial loops in remove the first loop and the first 6 loops we provyazyvayutsya quite simply four five six and Now we come to this sc sc we do not touch and provyazyvaem loop
  • 04:40: him here skip 2 nakida provyazyvaem the loop there provyazyvaem Only sc loop skip here We need to look knit it loop them to sc not crawled all tent then loops crawl and Recently here Knit 6 stitches common
  • 05:10: But when we small painting here convenient hook time from time pull approached the next wave of here too provyazyvaem Only sc loop passing on the facing up
  • 05:53: end of the series here I need change the thread color therefore, the last I knit loop threads of two colors but this is the second color need to carry on free power to extremely segev knit let's see what
  • 06:24: we've got so far I can not see anything in here these places where we nakida we need stretch so here here we formed such elongated loop Here, too, the following Wave now we were binding second color
  • 06:54: 4 is also the first two a number I did not show as they tally quite simply that is, we are two of a number of knit facial loops also we do and when Now we change the color of the It is simply facial the entire series and these here where extended loop here too This will be the first series
  • 07:30: this color I also see the curves facial is we the first row of this color pull panties turn around and second row also
  • 08:01: knit facial loops that is most as if that's fixing these extended also look to provyazyvat's loop previous row
  • 08:33: it's the first color ie this report It takes on a vertical it takes 8 rows due to the fact that here these waves is chequerwise Now we were binding to a number of color waves 2 here we will be here
  • 09:03: Three of these fragments with elongated loops They are knitted in general that just shoot first extreme loop the loop one loop provyazyvaem sc provyazyvaem 2 nakida provyazyvaem three sc in provyazyvaya general everything exactly 2 also nakida provyazyvayu and sc
  • 09:34: then comes knit 6 ie all loops just only staggered 33 three I have already knit
  • 10:06: then four or five six and made waves sc Knit Two nakida provyazat 3 sc Knit Two sc
  • 10:37: and knit sc and then 6 loops provyazyvaem facial I knit night 23
  • 11:08: 56 also make The last third wave 1 2 3 2
  • 11:41: what is the latest and it is also extremely knit front and pull out the cable turn and knit knit a number of facial Here, too, we look neatly to
  • 12:12: provyazyvat only passing loops sc we have three sc skip 2 nakida missing 1 sc and 6 loops we It is usually 24 but
  • 12:43: reached the whales from provyazyvaem only loops look
  • 13:13: not to associate sc otherwise we loop down here she is here we will change
  • 14:22: color so we you need to knit last loop threads of two colors while this is now the second color of doing freely also turn all this beauty here
  • 14:53: pull You need to pull them just that they are not there prevented the network extended loop that is, as here series tied pull more in general, all It fits just as well note that Why am I doing that for freedom, not because
  • 15:23: that a little especially the edge make a freer that does not contract not it pulls together the edges color changes and also continue to have the now we will two rows different colors and then repeat the I have showed you But after these two series that is here We will have two waves
  • 15:53: the second color of the three waves subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot interesting I wish you success and light eyelets