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  • 00:00: this is a back cable it's called a back cable because these first two stitches here are going to go behind the second two stitches of the cable you can see I've done a couple of them down here to do this you just take a loop of your cord and push those stitches behind the next two stitches that you're going to knit need to keep those loops of the cord back there for when you want to
  • 00:33: pull the cord out because they tend the twine around the stitches that you're doing so I've knit those two stitches now I want to knit the two that went and back it may have to pull on to get them around but you want to knit them in the same order as you put them back there this is the first one and that's the second one so knit that one and then this one you can see the twist that that
  • 01:05: makes and that's a back cable I finished my back cable on this side now comes the fun part pulling the cord out of all these stitches that have been twined around you can't pull it out from the end over here because all it'll do is tangle up so if you pull gently you can find where
  • 01:35: all these loops come out of and it's always a good idea just to pull the loops around all the stitches that cable is made out of pull them toward the back loosely so that you don't have a real bad tangle a little bit tight but cables are so neat so easy really the
  • 02:11: stitch switching is not a hard thing to do this is probably the hardest part of it is to remove that cord from it but isn't that a marvelous effect you