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The origami the Deer \/ the New Year's hand-made article from paper the Deer from paper is harnessed in sledge of Father Frost (or Santa Claus as it is pleasant to whom :) ❤️ Look at interesting selections: ✔ New Year's Origami - https:\/\/www....  See details »

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  • 00:09: Hello everyone and we We continue with you Origami's shooting these here Christmas craft of different paper and now I will I tell you how to do Such are the origami Christmas trees without again Nothing here is just out square leaf paper and let's you
  • 00:31: such here you firs need square sheet paper that's a no Green colour Here it can be sound side here this green story On the other hand it Now this can be as I have since all white still will not be visible and may simply be in do as I have here here they can be Decorate if no colored paper let's start with first thing we
  • 01:01: quadrate paper smooth out a4 sheet but in my case, and now we We start throws it's such a triangle and then unraveling We do another diagonal if you are a subscriber my channel is I saw lay made umbrellas
  • 01:30: origami umbrellas A similar scheme is only at the end of a bit differently at will Here such here the line and then half 20 also direct the and add up how
  • 02:15: here are we flat square, we We take these two sides and folds like this But in the middle of a well top is we obtained a here's triangle
  • 02:30: time to show this is our box on the side parts add up up here and so and we would get here Here at the bottom of this and we need all hand here and so 2 is bent with other hand just as
  • 03:07: here and back unbend and We disclose this figures in this rigged here here disclose this figure we obtained by middle, is such coping the edge of his hand all
  • 03:30: smooths and wrap We leave all Here are absolutely the river and last thing
  • 04:04: now we need to divide exactly the same quantity our kidneys and here and so risks one sees a womanizer divided and now we need to Now bend the the lower shell up where they are and
  • 04:33: hiding inside and We look at where there are still cast up and
  • 05:04: hide and last so we get
  • 05:31: Here it can be seen even such a beautiful already looks like a Christmas tree so just such a triangles here here on the bottom it turns out that's a in each of his cards and hand here are four pages and now we need to scissors on we We do not cuts reaching follows girls we do a number
  • 06:01: I'll make the cuts 3 incision and the other side too, and do we need everyone's this here each this page we have a lot of them here 4 4 on one hand with
  • 06:31: different here and so pro done every what kind of job you wrap such Now little corners to Now this mark ball sharp and similar to wishbone do We do so now with skype one side of me and
  • 07:15: We are continuing exactly same every here and so
  • 07:37: and that's how we do every every every MP card and side of each piece this side and other here and we all We did so with each country and we it turns out here such lush Christmas tree here this
  • 08:03: very nice and very and here you can hear make many amount of data firs make kiev we do with snowflakes you my videos You can view as we do with you already at such here Beautiful Santa Claus and in the next video we to make you prayer twist envelopes and baby Such are the cutest
  • 08:32: make a gift envelopes, refer to the following video thanks for all view with Happy new you Year to you all good good and pleasant creativity all while