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  • 00:00: hello friends we welcome everyone on the canal forest garden-garden Today I will haul stuffed green tomatoes to paint over Here is a 5 liter bucket of tomatoes here I will stop in detail because ask questions this from under the paint or it from the chemistry, here you are, look here The fish are painted. I'll repeat again that I worked as a grocery store stocked from the tullet from cabbage from the Korean
  • 00:33: carrots so do not worry it all food plastic is all from food out of out of under food in grocery You can either buy it for copecks or even give them for free or throws out so that's five-liter bucket about three pasibo I now I'm sure that you will not poison me. going to about 3 kilograms of tomatoes green immature I've just taken this I like these bands this way
  • 01:05: to remove it just a little bit here he is here very little waste is obtained then I do not completely cut half 2 3 yeah yeah yeah that 's it cut and I have a Bulgarian pepper a couple of stuff I cut into strips carrots if large 1 if small two things also need to cut into strips
  • 01:35: such here platinochki I have cut garlic about 50 grams and here I have a bunch of parsley a bunch of celery but we immediately throw cherries cherries here one threw down here are the roots horseradish as we are here again on top yet one leaf horseradish and we will stuff it Here I cut as I do the cut Here so tomato crosswise then take
  • 02:08: for example, if I choose, I alternate this tomato will wrap a parsley twig then on parsley here is the carrot here Here's this slit of garlic here I decorate carrots red Bulgarians the Bulgarian pepper17 la now let's see how many do not take time
  • 02:45: before you can alternate once with parsley second time celery third time dill and we will get a bouquet tastes and aromas all these are our vegetables that we forced they will persist here themselves volumes of checks and when it is already about the sour our tomatoes they will be in these tomatoes they are not will float in the brine flowing
  • 03:15: tasty tomatoes here so we them here here I'll take the cut again, here's the cut stalk tomatoes are different here there are even often worms some damage this year I usually automata kvashu green somewhere in the September September placard when I clean already battles harvest But this year we have so much fries that it is necessary earlier to do this all
  • 03:46: because they will burn here I take this way the same way celery celery we take for example carrots a slice of garlic a slice of bell pepper and add it again now let's take for example dill with us there will be both dill and celery and
  • 04:21: Parsley but dill again carrots I put in every tomato garlic Here is the Bulgarian pepper for taste and for beauty and reds well shale it turns out very tasty and only you me does not force to try all used all I ask you to try to you will question now here here already celery chic laid
  • 04:56: this dill now here we go petrushechka and alternate with a parsley Here so then we 'll get this tomatik greenish on a plate he will already have We are already decorated with petrushes before carrot perch bulgarian Garlic it is complemented so again cut off Here and so near the stalk before I
  • 05:27: did and here so simply it is possible to do here and here so first differently here so in front she is otherwise on the cross here so one by one can it be more about this if small yes Here and so too here last year I here how are you doing and if a large grain is four Part should be soaked beam carrot garlic and can it so clearly to live somehow I went through the import and I saw I was doing here halfway so
  • 06:04: cut and saw how they sold already Sour cherries are such green tomatoes stuffed and about myself somehow took a picture of herself and then and do it already so everyone does every mistress does differently therefore parsley carrot garlic are you good
  • 06:35: have prepared his car back and pepper shows because their then me is the most important thing Here and so it's not our last bucket we will still be alla green this or else I just like 1 You can another miracle stuff like this Once here is celery is wide whether celery carrot
  • 07:08: pepper garlic Well, now I think it's ships you need here did not cook a 6% Salt solution here is 3 liters of water and 180 grams of salt I'm good times Misha stirred salt because it is stone Has given and to be settled and now I fill ours tomatoes
  • 07:38: 6 percent 660 grams of salt per 1 liter of water I have here 180 grams of salt per liter of water, all three the water did not go into this salt I'll leave here I will do this solution now some buckets do not know how much I have there will be these tomatoes here they are here so stand for 3-4 days at the end of a sour Then you will need to add brine because that he will be agnet you will be there butt Thiago add another top
  • 08:14: garlic . still a little bit here is the Bulgarian pepper because he also collects it, he cooks we are already in the garden carrot root horseradish twig cherry here a little celery, I'm a little bit parsley is still a little fennel is all now we have a press now I have I'll add the fucking leaves, but then. in three days I still dolju somewhere
  • 08:48: a glass of pickle cover it all tightly Its vodka is why this is such a bucket is convenient no oppression outside on and it is easy to transport and warehousing and we have when we when they But about the sizzle like this will turn out here such a wonderful snack will turn out so friends make such tomatoes subscribe to put your likes shared with
  • 09:26: friends and eat delicious porridge not well till hullo look at this lazy to sleep though