ПОМИДОРЫ "В СНЕГУ" с чесноком, вкусная заготовка на зиму!  See details »

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  • 00:00: TOMATOES "IN SNOW" with garlic, tasty preparation for the winter If you get in the way of subtitles - turn them off! My friends, hello!With you, Dina and the channel "Collection of Recipes." Each housewife has her own proven recipe for pickled tomatoes for the winter. I want to offer you an excellent recipe for harvesting tomatoes "under the snow" or as they are also called tomatoes "in the snow." The zest of this recipe in its simplicity - despite the minimum of ingredients and the lack of vinegar, tomatoes are simply yummy! So, let's get started. Today I will close 3 three-liter jars. In one I put pink plum and orange tomatoes, in another round and in the third red dense cream. We put the tomatoes in clean dry jars, trying to fill them as much as possible, but do not tamper with it.
  • 00:37: In contrast to traditional recipes, which use a sheet of horseradish, dill, parsley, currant leaves, cherries, etc., for this preparation we need only garlic, as well as salt, sugar and citric acid. Prepared banks pour steep boiling water, and, so that the banks do not burst, put a teaspoon in them and pour boiling water on it. Cover the jars with lids and leave in this position for 20-30 minutes.
  • 01:12: Meanwhile, we prepare the garlic, it must be cleaned and crushed. You can do this in any convenient way for you - scroll in a meat grinder, grind in a blender, pass through a garlic press or, as in my case, grate on a fine grater. Garlic in this recipe is quite a lot, based on a 3-liter jar - one head. Recently I had a video of the seasoning "Poltava" on the channel, where I showed how easy and simple to clean the garlic, if you have not seen it - I recommend to look, I leave the reference in the description.
  • 01:45: Here is how much garlic turned out, visually divide this amount into 3 parts, about a full tablespoon with a slide on each jar. Half an hour later, the water from the cans must be drained. If you want to prepare marinade you can on the same water, dropping salt, sugar and citric acid there, but I'll pour it from the kettle and add everything I need directly to the jars. And while the water boils, in each jar pour out 1 tbsp. with a small slide of salt, 5 tablespoons each. sugar and 1 tsp. citric acid. It remains to disintegrate the garlic, spread the grated garlic directly into the jars.
  • 02:31: To the amateurs of sharpened in each jar you can add a few slices of hot pepper. Fill the jars with boiling water, cover with covers and roll. Turn the jar a few times until the salt, sugar and acid completely dissolve. At this point, the marinade becomes cloudy and turns white, do not let it scare you - it should be so. After cooling and settling of garlic, it will become transparent.
  • 03:06: We rolled the jars, turn them over the lid and wrap them up until completely cooled. A month later the tomatoes should be properly mashed and ready for consumption. Keep this workpiece preferably in a cool place - in the cellar or basement, but it is not necessary. Tomatoes turn out to be sweetish-spicy, slightly ostrenkie and very tasty, like everyone who tried them. I recommend to cook and I wish all delicious blanks! If you liked this recipe - put Like!
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