Eggplants fried with onions as gribochki.\/Eggplants under mushrooms. \/ How to prepare tasty eggplants.  See details »

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  • 00:00: i hi hello my dear subscribers casual viewers today i'm again I cook aubergines so how I really love them today will aubergines fried with onions for this dish you need take two middle eggplant clear of peel and cut cubes and by example the guitar of the evil one and a half for one and a half poured into the eyes of
  • 00:30: bowl we break here 2 eggs and good mix eggplants and eggs stir to those while they are eggplant they pass all the eggs in eyes fed all
  • 01:03: Eggs in yourself, see they are literally you dry set and now eggplant leaving what are the frames and I will take care of the onions and onion heads need peel off the husks and chop standing room pour oil
  • 01:34: sufficient amount to but well covered with oil spread onion and fry onions while nissan transparency forgot to turn on camera therefore I'm sorry just now there fried flour
  • 02:04: add both eggplant and and continue fry on strong fire spot rumors our eyes need a hatch fry until until the eggplant is become such rosy eggplant is best prepare dishes with non-stick and properties from below the frying pan with a thick bottom and not forget to stir inclined get always very tasty they are reminiscent of
  • 02:35: in fact, the neck and how see on the eggplant there are no traces from lilith as if it were some aubergines onions eggplants are already lightly for a couple of spirits pec I'm pepper black salt without salt packaging everything is good
  • 03:07: mix the Lennon doll was an office you put desire can be add the garlic I did not I add because while they are more remind of mushrooms Ford I cover
  • 03:40: cover and leave infuse aubergines somewhere five minutes in Odessa so that they are impregnated salt of pepper ready-made aubergines as mushrooms are laid out on a dish and decorate greens and serve for table eggplant is obtained always very tasty do not doubt such eggplant can be serve with boiled potatoes if you like my video put husky subscribe to my channel cook with
  • 04:10: me and all the pleasant appetite