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Беляши в духовке, как у моей мамы!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, this is a project of another kitchen with by you i am alexander friends today try new recipe whites in the oven you just imagine how tasty it is myasko dough and that's it this fragrance went buy her everything stop i need your help Like and repost Share this video because i'll tell you that even the dough better suited tested so let's put like and drove this recipe with ingredients and step by step description
  • 00:30: also published on the culinary site cube from sharing your everyday recipes can and you do it very quickly and just show now on an example you must go to the site to register if here for the first time to press the button write a recipe add photos ready dishes beauty write the name indicate ingredients add step by step process and click publish like this the recipe immediately appears on the site link
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  • 01:33: recipe I will leave a very convenient application link also under the video join let's start friends with a test for this we need 350 grams of flour 250 milliliters of warm milk a couple of eggs 30 grams sugar pinch of salt a teaspoon of yeast and a tablespoon vegetable oil first make a brew take a piece of milk spell a bigger cup part of the milk here is all the yeast about flour such a gruel
  • 02:04: let's make a spoon of sugar now shuffle and give to friends become active stand and live like please call it but friends have to earn a minute 10 under the film and better of course in the warm place here and so we have earned easier see what beauty has already happened and now take a bigger cup there leftovers
  • 02:34: egg milk and brew x it smells great all the way and now sugar vegetable oil and salt mix everything accounts. we will gradually add flour do not enter all the flour at once
  • 03:09: but we need to make the dough, we had well we enter and we mix worried friends that the dough will be tight but a new recipe and I do not have enough flour I’ll add as many as I’ll tell you but knead until the moment she has 150 grams of flour added I will indicate this amount under the video in
  • 03:39: knead the recipe until here the dough stops sticking Crook Well it turned out great mya nice good toy in the bowl and now in the cup we remove we cover with a film and in a warm place at least an hour our task so that the dough decayed the axis increased two and we its a couple of times even punch up and now let's do stuffing for I'll take her
  • 04:11: 500 grams of minced meat 4 onions pepper salt to taste and still cooked yolk for grease finely cut onion cubes and combine with minced meat add salt pepper and mix well probably the most the best stuffing meat stuffing friends ready now mince until he stands still marry for
  • 04:45: account onion juice and generally will delightful well i think so dough came see what beauty [music] I love everything we get and cook share dough friends like you used to either big or small well how are you family has I shared 50 grams itself is something for us at I got 17 such pieces
  • 05:18: blanks round them and remove them under the film here on the table ten minutes let the dough with us is still suitable as cooking belyashes i think everyone knows take baking dough good without rolling pins are excellent for doing here such a circle here stuffing given that with us it will be white no pan and in the oven and stuffing sprinkles nothing will therefore be so
  • 05:50: add in well stuffing and now pulled and collect in one direction straight not moving we pull up Well, we collect everything in one direction in one side to find and so here you should get leveled well beauty well advice straight to me it seems on the exhibition can be put on
  • 06:21: prepared baking sheet and give our to dealers it takes another 20 minutes to they came right perfectly belyashiki parted now we take yolks a little add milk and grease the oven I warmed up to 200 degrees with this temperature and bake for minutes 30 friends just got me baked 40 minutes gave them like this redden look at the beauty delicious and smell great give a little cool and and see what
  • 06:53: there inside and how they taste the crucial moment we look uhty one side stuffing in more is me I will try tochnyaak here a stuffing onion great now tell I didn’t have time to try my hand the same with the second one was very tasty like me
  • 07:23: I love the dough a little while she's here soft gorgeous dough and filling as I told you the onion farce and in general great straight urgently want it smack one's lips you excuse me well here so here we have today turned out appetizing tho home I am very pleased with this recipe nothing I will not change and I suggest you cook for health it was a different kitchen project with you i alexander see this and other recipes
  • 07:54: on the Carpathians and make photo reviews this is the best thanks I will follow all the best for now