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How to sharpen knives on a plane, the jointer plane. At your place there is a device for sharpening!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: and so, hello everyone today after long all sorts of different searches on the south tube I want to show you one video how to sharpen knives on jointer plane planes it took it in my hands the usual iron plate The cutout is cut out this knife size because it's the same I already have on exactly the circulars adjusted and shorter meaning there is no show this piece of hardware or a real knife from the difference main you will show the principle what I got from youtube and
  • 00:34: than it dawned on me after I did adapt uyubovskaya and so on with youtube from the masters so first i Well, as on the tube tube looked several videos to a lot of commercials and there basically let's say two variants of sharpening are carriages made for factory and corners
  • 01:05: since the carriage is very haemorrhoid large to do what I decided to do from the corner but I again from several videos of different ideas took and announced them in one because I, for example, saw one video as one bee is like this now I'm going to show it like this with his hands I will take the camera and continue to tell so one person
  • 01:35: told interestingly course informative the principle is such that we will imagine that this is just iron, about a dozen of them him welded there is screwed up like a corner Here and there already inserted a knife that is, you see the water on the grounded plane. Here, the knife of these mustaches is inserted here, so let's say if really that's how it is here
  • 02:05: and the principle is that then the grinding machine he I want to but since the grinding machine for example I have 75 in my millimeters width and width of the knife 200 then I'm not sure that evenly it will be downloaded here, and secondly, he dropped a phrase there one such that this one here is the angle you see with ticks or a wrench, that is, it's generally some interesting idea
  • 02:37: Well, I'm shorter with him took with video useful that to me as it seemed these adjusting bolts that is, the knife feed bolts it's the clamping screws of python press the knife it's already adjusting honestly I'll make a knife show how it works where to see you was
  • 03:08: here I put in a knife I want to pull up lightly this is the beauty of this idea in that it regulates the supply of a knife that screw these bolts the knife can climb more less
  • 03:40: that is, you can bring out the plane and another plus good in that having imprisoned one knife without changing the resulting adjustment insert the second knife 3 knife how many there on the drum knives and bring the flush with this edge well, that is, all the knives can be sharpened one size they will be a rake by weight ideal this I checked already and calipers we are and so on the weight it really turns out perfectly I honed
  • 04:14: tell the plane here plane I remove the pipe from this edge after thinking and then mark this edge with a marker and I begin to sharpen on grinders as soon as the sanding machine white went off marker pulled off all turn off knife ready 1 took out another invested if you have previously ground them more or less correctly, then in any way it will be a little higher and Again, a marker was conducted and
  • 04:48: so far until the marker is Mrs. marker, until again this edge is glittering this edge that's about this next second video that I liked one guy share here is such a device that is on the board the grinder stood only she stood across and yes, so here's across his stood there is a bar by weight
  • 05:18: I understood so well their canopy is already welded here this thing that is it here you can lower the canopy twist just by the weight here is screwed on one self-tapping screw, that is, it's like this is spinning all this Labuda and he sharpened well daughter got 7 will find a knife performed it's already really
  • 05:49: I want to work like this like this in a semicircle Well, I also did not like it because in this case if so sharpen constantly in a semicircle then will eat up edges twice as large on the knife because you see for yourself here you launched the knife he grinds Then this edge came out and this one is still sharpened and then you start again and it starts to trickle again, that is, that edge one wasted this two times already went to ground and In short, this is not the
  • 06:27: when I here with this accustoming sharpened to myself your pumped here so it was more convenient I held with both hands for bolts and sharpened in one direction and the main machine and went here that is against the wool like this and then on the knife if you sharpen along like that and that's who you knives are formed on an ideal mirror surface and you can see all the dips all the pits and so on and so forth.
  • 07:01: before I did this adaptation, I first sharpened knives on an electric emery simply by hand it seemed normal put on the plane there in some places there were two luminosity of it on my knives well ok scratches and okay well then it came down to that if two or three times I'll do it like I have to throw it away so I thought I went to youtube, but here it's done with is capable of did everything seem normal
  • 07:36: but when I put the knives for the circular was already installing on the jointer knives, it dawned on me why I was inventing a bicycle if everyone has this adaptation at home for the villa we even just do not guess now, I'll show it to you Here she is my circular here knives they are now closed
  • 08:07: The drum here it is a circular and here it is our adaptation she is ready and the only thing you need set 5 degrees and here it is clear that the place of this saw blade should be placed behind the thick disk of the Bulgarian if at subter more more natasha process water I will tell everything here is for all devices
  • 08:38: here we have 45 degrees the plant was already worried afterwards my knife an impromptu would be a caretaker we have in view of that here not a saw disk and there are grinding gloves and so on it is completely not dangerous especially to stand a bomb sideways well, also in memory we have what to hold it with both hands is just a camera in the hands of a chance Here, please, and went for an easy and simple
  • 09:13: nothing complicated it is inventing all kinds of adaptations and by the way this is exactly such adaptations I looked at the tube they can be said to be sold separately and close and not one or two thousand about the same as a cup shaped emery and the same thing wanted to say
  • 09:47: if you have enough ingenuity or as wit in tinkering here more disk more Bulgarians full-time that is because the table is lowered lower already all this here I am already already here the adjusting nut with a hairpin with this that I put on the table, almost the only water on my back rests on the site Here it is not enough if you manage to put a big disk for it to be diameter from the edge from this edge to this edge so that it has a diameter of
  • 10:21: the distance greater than your knife is you will have the perfect grinding device because you then the whole plane like this The whole plane can be applied drive to the disc knife and we will be sharpened all over the whole plane ideally just just put a hold on there a couple of seconds looked on sharpening
  • 10:56: immediately it will be seen again a smooth mirror surface will be formed and it will immediately be visible in the pit somewhere somewhere evidently good water is not accurate Perhaps after some old sharpening your edges will only take and strangle until you have completely the plane of the whole perfectly mirror here and that's what I wanted to tell you about it just when it dawned on me I think I spent half a day with this corner there carved all that thread sharpened 20 minutes and it's easier to go to the store to buy a disc
  • 11:32: put it, let it hang then let it not be there there once a week 1 month let it hang But it's easier than simply inconvenient plant all invented Here everything can be reduced to an accuracy of up to a millimeter because I'll tell you more about grinders, no matter how hard you try Here I picked up the corner measured on the plane like he had exactly everything I had knives I have one edge
  • 12:04: eats more than this I was dragging so when I noticed it turned upside down so it started to sharpen anyway eats one edge more than this knife about measured by caliper caliper distance from me the same width they turned out give a corner of the behavior and although it shows that it is even shorter you can roll and on the grinder anyway ideally do not attach in parallel that is you or one angle cling or
  • 12:34: so you can catch on well first then straighten out sharply so you also do not exactly put it because knife overlaps well the length of the machine marks it is slightly more subtle so that you can immediately put on the plane and all then it was the same even more less, but again immediately all four points of the corner you can not put them somewhere more precisely where that is less than a here you have
  • 13:07: I do not know for me it's perfect from what to buy and what adapts and the more tempting Here it is better not think of it all 45 degrees is there here there will be no failures any i then there can be someone who will argue that disk how to sweep so here so here so what the disk for example here at this point the speed is greater at this point the speed is less will the disk emanate differently
  • 13:38: never this will happen because if for example you think that suddenly someone thinks you are at this point he wants faster so here he will eat more while here the bottom of the points here it will not be sharpened, that is, the plane will be perfect for you if you brought that's how it would be knife well, that is there in the disk then yes then I agree at the points of contact
  • 14:08: here would you publish more here would be less you gave and yah well, since he can you say about himself to me you push it only in the butt here down here and all of you on the plane does not crush it and so it will be sharpened equally it is necessary to invent something of course, of course, but in this plan
  • 14:41: In short, I'll say I saw my who will help enjoy your health all subscribe to my channel if you have a desire of course such a bet likes all until new meetings