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Cholesterol: the diet is not necessary? - to drink tablets from cholesterol or not.  See details »

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  • 00:00: greet you dear friends theme our current program received Christ ren and those myths that are with him connected In general, I must say that on the topic cholesterol myths very much myths and delusions but such a good theme for our program and the very first the most common myth on the subject cholesterol this bond got cholesterol with food that is considered that the more you eat fatty meat food the higher you will have level cholesterol and that's about this misconception
  • 00:31: I would like to talk particularly so suppose that cholesterol is taken from us from fat and meat food and how then it is our cholesterol herbivorous brothers well for example if cholesterol is considered normal modern man three with half a dash of 5 millimoles per liter then what is the level of cholesterol in animals who do not eat meat well, for example, in cows
  • 01:01: let's turn this question well let's say so veterinary directories and what we see here is what level blood cholesterol in cows paradox tank the same cholesterol level that is from three and a half to 5 millimoles per liter ie cows who don't eat meat have the same level of cholesterol in blood and by the way maybe we
  • 01:31: something we don't know maybe cows in quietly these from rabbits there is no think that all there is probably something else here affects cholesterol but in general here people cholesterol rises at times pretty much up to 7-8 millimoles per a liter and whether cholesterol rises cows look reference book and here I have extracts are just a reference book and what we we see cholesterol in cows sometimes
  • 02:01: every 10 millimoles per liter is obtained what moment is this happening it happens when a cow starts give milk ie cow organism the moment when the cow starts to give milk itself raises cholesterol in the blood of a cow up to 10 millimoles per liter well, if at all are you with this level of blood cholesterol come to the doctor let's say so human he will tell you terribly
  • 02:32: need to drink cholesterol pills but it seems to me that at the vets K-rum tablets of this display do not give and it is considered normal ten miles mole per liter of cow the body raises this cholesterol itself moment of lactation by the way when the cow stops giving milk a level cholesterol is reduced in her again to the same values that is three half a dash of 5 millimoles per liter then have cholesterol production by the body
  • 03:04: cows is a self-regulating process the body itself knows when to raise cholesterol and when to lower and for some reason we think that human body is designed more stupid that is a cow night organism when to increase cholesterol but people do not know in fact, of course, everything is wrong the human body is just like Corolla organism regulates the level blood cholesterol depending on body needs and for what actually need our cholesterol
  • 03:36: to the body but firstly from cholesterol bile acids are produced that is for gallbladder to work better for us need cholesterol second of cholesterol is produced vitamin D, then have when we want to fight right now this topic is very bloated foot growth weak bones then it turns out to be our the body struggled better with a ledge to roses to make bones stronger we need cholesterol in order to form
  • 04:07: vitamin d and therefore very strange when I see patients in whom strong stopper wasps they give pills from osteoporosis and in doing so these patients are given pills for reducing cholesterol that is the lowest possible way the body to synthesize vitamin d besides from cholesterol in our the body produces sex hormones and with a sharp decrease in cholesterol especially when this decline is achieved art
  • 04:38: but using say pills in men the potency decreases and at the woman cholesterol sterility develops necessary for normal functioning of the nervous systems first cholesterol is nutrition for brain and second of cholesterol is formed myelin sheath of nerves so when a person not in very good condition when the nervous system works well cholesterol necessary and at this point to reduce cholesterol i think even silly well and
  • 05:09: at last christ is needed for normal work of the immune system that is if u your immunity falls then the body itself begins to produce more dose of cholesterol to the immune the system worked better and by the way here in the immune system cholesterol dinner even to better fight not only with infections but also with cancers diseases but still foresee, but I foresee in advance question doctor but still have
  • 05:41: some cholesterol values which ok or some meanings when cholesterol need to reduce at all here is a curious there was such a transformation textbooks let's say reference books if we look at the rate of cholesterol let's say so in the directories a decade ago then they are quite big let's say well three half this let's say such a minimum some Yes, and then everything depends on age
  • 06:12: I take this clinic eurolab and that we here we see Well, for example, but we are cholesterol, let's say under 40 is 3 and 5-6 20 well look further for example take the norms of 50 years here they are already much higher 4 20-70 and now at the rate of 7 and 3 you guaranteed to plant on pills from cholesterol but for some reason another ten years ago it was considered normal
  • 06:43: further go all strange some indicators here are a man of 60 years old and what we see 445 769 the rate of 70 years well, then norms bit another 447 25 that is, it turns out that with cholesterol 7 even it is not very necessary to reduce it now a pill in cholesterol is given already at the rate of 5 5 6 millimoles per liter Well, I do not know I do not know whether to reduce
  • 07:14: cholesterol using tablets and but my fans they know that I am an opponent of this but it may be worth reducing cholesterol diet here again we we come to what started what generally not chin cholesterol is regulated by diet ie decrease meat consumption Well, not much leads to a decrease cholesterol ie the body itself regulates cholesterol needs then there is here if you need more
  • 07:44: cholesterol then this cholesterol will start produced by the liver and proper saying all the same will not this norm keep this mechanism true breaks but in particular when taking pills but in general I repeat the body itself regulates cholesterol and how in man and in cow who do not eat rabbits or all the same eat but we don't know yes maybe like nights in tranquility but still this mechanism governed by us in mammals
  • 08:15: independent organism regulates amount of cholesterol depending on needs of the body but maybe will tell us some people may be all it's not just cholesterol that's what they say what is bad cholesterol and good and it may be necessary to fight here so worst cholesterol here again some such places inconsistencies in general as it were before it was thought that from bad cholesterol
  • 08:47: you will have a heart attack or stroke but now it turns out that there was a massive scientists wrote about it processed data of 68 thousand people over 60 years as a result of processing of these statistical data it turned out that bad cholesterol does not increase the risk of developing not enough stroke or heart attack it suddenly turned out that this one bad cholesterol or it is also called the lady will float food
  • 09:18: low density it protects a person from neurological diseases and in particulars from alzheimer's disease and the interesting it turned out that while reducing of this bad cholesterol if manages to lower the level of this one bad cholesterol is reduced a couple immunity that is and even with this bad cholesterol is wrong definitely and now I don’t know the question anyway I am sure that even as a result, looking
  • 09:52: here is this video many of our viewers are all equally will ask the question how still lower cholesterol I'm just sure that although it seems to be clear explained that you do not need him generally pay attention at least if he is but within let's say family millimole per liter that is if its meaning you don’t have to try to reduce it but I will still be asked the question lower high blood cholesterol do I need to drink pills i'm just sure
  • 10:22: there is a question in the comments dear friends from my point of view cholesterol pills need to drink only the most extreme but if you really want to reduce cholesterol then it needs to be done by others Ways first of all the best liver work well taking some food that help reduce elevated blood cholesterol but about that how to do it all i think we will tell in one of the following gears all you
  • 10:53: good and be healthy [music]