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AS it is easy to CLEAR the Pallet of HARD PUTTY and GLUE. LAYFHAK.  See details »

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  • 00:00: guys hello for those who do not know my name is novel in one of my videos I filmed as mine spatula after work I throw them in the warm or cold water not even important in mainly cold-well added a bit salt used to be someone once said and thus left these spatula in a container with a salt water at night slightly corroded It is plaster and in the morning I have them already laundered putty means one from subscribers
  • 00:32: vital in my opinion call left very interesting comment says also tried several times wash and spatula and here such brine principle corrodes only from gypsum but he tried to do it's from lemon acids too leaves for the night and says that it corrodes even glue today I I want to try it method and for this purpose y I have two spatulas I took one spatula the one who works he is all like this
  • 01:03: as can be seen gypsum plaster on it withered it is not finishing putty from finish well wash it you are the one apply for gypsum plaster and this one is this the spatula is not a spatula is mine you can say scoop yes , somewhere peel off putty there is a solution of glue and so further I apply it even the wind slept ruberoid cut to it but once Vitaly said that corrodes well cement glue today you can try it
  • 01:33: Here is a spatula og used for glue he is therefore so dirt not only when tiling I use well try wash all together why here I shoot vitalai said it should pour into a hot water and add citric acid let's go now correctly remembered vital Sagittarius he said that he pours in communicating hot water and boiling water in the water not boil a year but now put the boiler to the maximum and raise temperature do not know
  • 02:03: as far as we can see to the maximum it is understandable raises only 55 I thought degrees 70 I'll raise it okay let's recruit hot water but i'm so I think that 55 will suffice now it's going to be hot water OK I'm literally a little type so only
  • 02:33: so that the spatula took cover rather hot water is sufficient the only thing vitalai poured out two pack of lemon acid and he wrote for 3 liters of water but I've kicked a lot the bow of the arrow is exactly that two liters here I'll pour out only one pack acid mix everything this is a lemon thing
  • 03:04: acid here I show and leave this whole thing Yes, tomorrow I understood us hot water boiling water is not must be well possibly boiling water something helps on putty knife yes as he said acid at once dissolves + vitaly spoke spatula which not high-quality metal that is not stainless steel blackens at such procedure therefore
  • 03:34: if bought stainless steel and lowered into lemon you have the acid ink means you just cheated well what do I leave to tomorrow and tomorrow already I'll take the trying to sneeze that It turns out possible this method to someone like until tomorrow guys i have been well gone and choose camera and look you see resized capacity there is some kind of reaction and spatulas can not come out
  • 04:06: there really is some kind of reaction well, let it go we are waiting for ourselves until tomorrow at least 12 hours they so lie in what your reaction is what is it like charged battery yes it there probably less air comes out so i got it that I wanted a spatula to wash in the morning but left to work not it turned out already 9 pm in in principle they lay down in capacity more if
  • 04:36: I expected that lie down for 12 hours then it turned out that they capacity count day i morning of course tried this one Here's a spatula you see a little bit like this shoot and get here this one is on the ice which is from concrete but I deleted all ran on edge of concrete and hurries to the floor and falls Here this spatula I and she starts act realistically Itachi to sleep in not cleared probably already three or five years but you see well on
  • 05:07: corroded and removed and then I'm here nothing touched here we have gypsum pretty easy cleaned see flies simply holy first impression of course erodes gypsum well but I took myself here this brush is so brush this is it I have an iron mine always in working tool after
  • 05:37: work my materials spatula Well and now I will try she just needs to tear off to become like my usual on plastic cleaned a little worse but here that's where metal see generally well here is removed if you remember what he was this spatula yes and how good she is is now being taken off at This is what I'm lemon acid produced less
  • 06:07: than would say over it Two packs gave one in principle tool washed very well you, I so look that the works naturally it is necessary to lose that so that put and not to lose yes and get it ready clean spatula this does not happen already it is visible yes here what he was 10 and 2 at once all is laundered then there is a real spatula
  • 06:37: can be soaked in citric acid and can the next day wash them I do not give I will show how I am their mine because really need to be rubbed Such magic is not happens to soak and everything from the floor but already when I clean them will probably minutes 20 warranty and I will show the result i transferred to wash in the sink and therefore specially brought a camera I even want to show if there 's a gypsum for me it is necessary to so rub more happy and here where
  • 07:07: there was glue and cement here in general probably you can not even this a metal brush rub ordinary sponge and you can wash it off unlock cops see generally helps but the moment is just yes generally a spatula here did not tear off anything generally only brush and plaster see s.a. it will be necessary still well rub guys I'll take you I cheated soap
  • 07:39: spatula is not 20 minutes again when I am began to rip off the cast with spatula like this only touched with him all the shards literally just the same I showed I was washing cement and tile glue and literally spatula for 2 seconds washed what I want say both of these I had a spatula non-working I am now increase show the only thing is that this one here auxiliary to them I use only when I get on tiles and yes these spatula are already
  • 08:09: they just lay around I did not need it both were intended use both Scoop now I show them how look and so look guys here this first spatula or 2 he was not there I remember that which I I remove the dirt to sleep just all of the walls sashka I am see plastics dried to dry white nothing at all no how much laundered further this here is a spatula on There, too, somewhere, something to drink some
  • 08:39: Stroibe, I even have there used to be a plaster cast and so that's how others then the spatula there I beat here such here are visible for the sine so seen here can be seen here here is the water here these Here's an ass that is, these spatula reiki clothed something to return the angle o such here wrap and absolutely were not intended for work yes that is long time passed in what it is condition and this a a hardy spatula is subsidiary
  • 09:09: putty knife og glue for tiles, too somewhere to tear something up he's already here if you can see such a curve, but he no longer working it just postpone and this spatula you see he after work so after working days citric acid is so she turned blue a little oxidized yes that is all as we were told it all happened when this I draw attention that I'm all here these spatula did not try to wash for five minutes I just wanted to use
  • 09:39: try as they wash lemon acid guys way of washing spatula with lemon acid with addition to water and soaking of putty knives was not easy very working it is effective in order at times better laundered and corrodes as cement glue gypsum than when I used to wash spatula with addition salt in the water then I today is the whole day worked plastered The hands were in plaster yes i specially
  • 10:09: Well, I decided you can try washed with their bare hands mathematics of lemon acid will feel a kind of burning means such sensations on my hands I do not have so you can calmly in lemon acid hands to wash and Well, of course, better Protective clothing gloves Well and that at last I want to say means vitalya the archer's offer this wonderful me consider the way great thanks from me and probably will thank you very much from other people
  • 10:39: who will see it video well for today I have everything I just experimented today pickpocket calves if the video was do not forget to use it leave a comment and put like for today I have everything all of you good luck and good [music] [applause]