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The 2nd option of elastic type-setting edge for a nuking

The 2nd option of elastic type-setting edge for a nuking  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: second option elastic typesetting edge yet one option elastic typesetting edge He also begins But with hinges and also I I advise to take kryuchochek number more because typed here at hook for this set us
  • 00:30: It needs regular hook We do like this way enter into loop that we already hooked We get out of here hook and loop We put it this way But with the turn We next st also from the already
  • 01:00: typed gat We put on a turn It is already possible hook to not get Now in this way one after another recruit loops if you use which will hook to knit then you need to type it in Generally the free and Now take one counter more more number
  • 01:31: Now in this way recruited Plastic edge of a will be on the edge Plastic set us It will need to knitted patchwork let's this petelechku stop here such here are also set
  • 02:01: the first row in such set provyazyvaetsya all loops including extreme with this kit as you see, in general, it's easier than now with first embodiment that I will I showed it is more so cute naborchik get 1
  • 02:35: It is very simple Now that he's more such Professional I would He said let's see what we got this This set is
  • 03:09: elastic see in general loops are quite free, he still denser than here first embodiment but still better chain subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot
  • 03:40: interesting I wish you success and light eyelets