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Elastic set for a nuking

Elastic set for a nuking  See details »

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  • 00:00: elastic inlaid edge of the well to king gain a elastic inlaid a number we do at the beginning of normal loop such as for any in general set here a loop better to take the hook number more than we plan to knit
  • 00:31: So I took the hook number 5 and a hook drying in which not threaded. It is also in general that will help us I will impose hook number 4 is there are more subtle and so start We put on a loop on hook delaying its hook
  • 01:01: holding in his right hand She pointed to the finger years left here and so put thread Now we introduce the hook back over this loop like this way and tighten loop It should also be We introduce the hook stretched and so we recruit the right
  • 01:33: the number of loops all You pull each occurs very simple Now let's see how Knit the first row got the hook took 4 rooms and a hook the first loop as provyazyvayu front and then the entire charge
  • 02:03: well knit facial a set of loops from the first row in it provyazyvat bit harder than when set chain Here's why it is desirable to take hook drying ie dial these loops that then there was thread is not a rope so as the cable still It has a larger volume Well despite the such an inconvenience but
  • 02:33: we get a very elastic inlaid an edge that absolutely not to be pull our cloth the last loop as provyazyvaem front that is, in such a
  • 03:05: we set provyazyvaem all the loops in a row We pull out the thread here such a Plastic kit we received see absolutely not to be pull fabric so we set apply for knitted patchwork but it can be used for any other purpose subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new
  • 03:35: I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot interesting success you and light loops