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  • 00:00: English gum I gained a chain of stitches and the usual way I gained from the chain loops on the hook although you can use and flexible set yet But on this show It means the first row we first loop remove loops 2 knit front next st
  • 00:33: I rented and do sc provyazyvayu front should be removed sc and do so here alternating knit hinges and removed from the loop sc and such manner I go to the end of a number of all in general is not very complicated I'm just very
  • 01:04: beautiful in rezinochka we will last knit Here is such a face incomprehensible at ryadochek we received We do the next row first petelechku remove the following also remove as my and provyazyvali in
  • 01:34: previous row but we do sc loop with sc provyazyvaem together face the following loop knit previous row remove from the sc provyazyvaem front remove from the sc provyazyvaem front Sereda in this pattern the same that is
  • 02:05: and that's how we were binding this series we were binding and subsequent to end of the series I provyazyvala here filming and sc the last loop of knitting front until the general it is not very clear what happens the following series of the same most if we loop But with sc provyazyvaem front
  • 02:35: if we knit and in the previous row We disclaim and sc so to act end of the series in each row ie we Sereda will be the same here It looks like this rezinochka when drag due adequate the number is really gum that is it elastic relatively normal gum is the volume ie here
  • 03:08: It is identical to both sides and these Now facial stripes facial stripes loops are they here that is convex ordinary gum she Generally it is flat Here is such a beautiful Body pattern thus obtained knit pattern scarves and hats in Generally it is for these
  • 03:40: goals it's perfect for scarves and hats, and . that is, it is perfectly It stretches on the other hand, it is very But if good let even cap knit without subtraction He is very good that is going Here is such a the window does not need do decrease and Here's a simple
  • 04:11: let you cap will prove all ranks quite sometimes even the same this gum is called patent can not explain this Well, that's the name of what there call it yet English subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new
  • 04:41: I have many videos ideas so ahead You will find a lot interesting I wish you success and light eyelets