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Хачапури по-аджарски: 2 СПОСОБА ДЛЯ ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЯ "ЛОДОЧЕК"- The Adjarian Khachapuri  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon my dear welcome in my kitchen, I myself took up the city Batumi and often prepare our national dishes Despite the fact that we are not in the Georgia and in Spain all the ingredients are all me
  • 00:32: I can buy if not at the store who though would like to share on the internet with you my recipe today is Sunday and bye of my my family is asleep until the morning my husband her my children are asleep I decided to cook for them Adjara khachapuri which I often do for this we need 200 grams of milliliters of water is not warm and
  • 01:03: not very hot so that the yeast is good have developed I use yeast them yet call alive friends are not very good disperse which teaspoon of salt 1 a teaspoon of sugar 2 tablespoons sunflower oil 100 grams of creamy butter and flour well here I have a kilogram may be slightly more sifted flour it's already on
  • 01:35: as there will fit I will all beat my mixer and the process will go well means warm water I fall asleep alive yeast they are very well divorced add sugar so they started well act very good dough is obtained I already divorced everything that went
  • 02:05: pour a mix [music] sunflower oil pour sleep salt oil on warm warm necessary temperature and turn on
  • 02:35: a little bit on raspberry to a little bit broke up and I will add flour gradually [applause] [music] can [music] when it will already become pasty and I already add the rest of the flour [music]
  • 03:09: principle you can already add leave the flour so that it will mix well [music] eggs I do not use yeast dough on although Puritans need if the patties are different any products then I use now I'll take a look do I need to add
  • 03:41: you can already see the dough well mixed and cleaned on the conquered table I get the dough here this dough is ready we mixed it very well remember that the dough rises when
  • 04:14: It's so soft that it's elastic and very does not stick at all [music] do not even need more of this I pour back the flour Mixer bowl and cover it with tape. the dough has risen until the dough to rise I will prepare stuffing cheese on the right film to make the dough
  • 04:44: rose [music] but this will put aside for the filling generally I used a lot of raw experimented I was looking for a good grade which would come to ours though Puri I
  • 05:15: settled on such suluguni cheese here of course you can not find anything except Russian or Ukrainian shops but I I use when I have no time I I buy mozzarella she looks like ours Suluguni and cheese it is called fresh cheese and this is also similar to our Imeretian cheese I mix it all up and of course add
  • 05:45: oil because there is not a day of fat and low-fat cheese and tasteless it needs be sure to add this I, on a large grater, will rub the cheese [music] While my dough will go up I will cook stuffing cheese need a lot of pain here in me kilogram of fresco weight, here it is cheese fresh cheese and 3 small head heads
  • 06:16: mozzarella I'll mix it all up and add it salt because he is absolutely not a salem absolutely from cheese good just need it somehow combine what happened well it reigned better I'll tear up hands that he is very soft and better than him so divide into reigned and pizza well goes to simple khachapuri not to measure enske khachapuri that a little move is similar to
  • 06:47: suluguni on 4 though puri I it all we shall look or see how much I will need here but I have a little more because I do both in dough and around dough and inside the middle of the boat if doing that delicious I 'll have to shift a bigger bowl because it's already here I can not interfere need to knead well now add
  • 07:17: oil because it is absolutely not greasy my cheese is not and mozzarella they are fresh cheese fat does not have any, and since Adzharian khachapuri cheese must be sailed to him help grab enough now to add salt and I mix well I will add a dream probably it will be enough for me [music]
  • 07:49: I'm waiting until the dough is already my mail on the dough rises and soon I will make boats wash that has already risen very gently very nice to use it i Now I will divide it into four parts because that the four of us need little flour at home very much one though the storms i'm doing the smallest for me is the remainder
  • 08:21: exactly the same parts for my husband and children , my children are already big 25 hajj with flying seres of children are called we will make here such balls and postpone absolutely does not stick because there is sunflower oil even nice to work with it dough
  • 08:52: universally I'll show you two ways of cooking boat for a bowl at least dough I will flatten the bell I will make such a circle [music] and here's how to do a little bit like this
  • 09:31: stretch a little and start twist these here are the edges while on the one hand, then on the other sides here and pinch the ends at the top and from this side, here it is like this we put it off that a little bit all the same the dough has risen
  • 10:01: here's the first boat we do here so here in this manner second second way will be easy to do and there is a lot of cheese so we do not round the dough at its length we will spin up like this a little bit width and longer
  • 10:34: [music] so that such a rectangle, as it were We put cheese here and tear it all over all the way up we protect like on pies
  • 11:10: but around here that's how much more like dumplings well it is necessary it for protect close everything so that it does not flowed nothing we should close here this big one is how to be great pie is now the most interesting this We will hide the protected edges and let's make it disappear altogether
  • 11:43: [music] now with a knife I open the middle Discharging here and so here is such a dough and all this is this all this cheese razgonyayu on each side the cheese will be in a circle everywhere and at the end and at the beginning of it along the edges
  • 12:16: absolutely everywhere [music] you showed how we used to do it well This is better because cheese will be everywhere melt and, of course, tastier form boats add more cheese than more better of course [music]
  • 12:48: Our baking tray can be slightly podpilit on dance, he still does not burn out but all the wound a little bit [music] 1 1 baking tray I will install 2 boats do the same with the second I have already prepared all the boats already four this left as the first way internally the ceramics are here in the test here everywhere all hanging cheese I already turned on the oven
  • 13:20: warm up 200 degrees up to bake well those already dough has already risen normally and five minutes later I will put in oven one at a time though our guy is already baked we'll get out of the oven see what beauty we now need To cover this oil and it's two minutes more.
  • 13:55: once I put in the oven because I will now put yolk who loves like this here hole and put it there egg yolk and so in the second here boils prince all the cheese is all well baked on two minutes we put again in the oven that the egg grabbed not much of it
  • 14:27: need to cook Armen suffices and then we will put second portion [music] my children are already awake so that for them are ready And we can then assassinate everything for this once my video is over I hope you
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