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Навесной замок нестандартной конструкции. Устройство и принцип работы.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello comrades it is more
  • 01:11: detailed presentation of the padlock Our design consists of a body the secret mechanism of the centering sleeve and key all parts are made of steel 40x hardened zinc plated in short I will tell the device and what it has advantages in the case are machined two groove pay attention to it 1 more another smaller
  • 01:41: running in the center means more the secret mechanism is screw pair formed on one side flats on the other side of the cam holes in the groove completely unwind show how so here so so the key is representing representing the mate for
  • 02:11: eccentric and centering sleeve I would like to pay special attention it means it plays an important role in terms of centering bodies in the eye of the there is such a problem some locks when you dress him up try to put a bolt on the eyelet due to the misalignment of the loops push the door to push and
  • 02:45: and so on that is that it takes for a while but the matter is in the habit here this center piece solves this problem then have you insert and then inserted into her secret mechanism and already dressing corpus so on I think the principle of work is clear it means we put on the body the key here is such a peculiar calling so
  • 03:15: and fail hole means secret smiles rests on a smaller groove in about it is not fixed and relatively him spin wind all the way back a few rotations back what we get to pay attention housing
  • 03:51: rotates on its x axis for pro not the secret in the sleeve is freedom movements on its axis that is to say To open it you need to turn it back on. go abut so line-x intrigue and twist the thread until the end I will not twist until
  • 04:21: stop here see the sleeve restricts the approach to the secret mechanism that is, you can’t get close to him this hole when the lock is closed must be below photo to rain all moisture went down there but I think it it is clear the castle does not have small there are enough mechanisms
  • 04:53: simply and efficiently coated with zinc does not corrode in frost opens very easily if some kind of jamming happens even a small one can be easy on it beat him figuratively speaking lets go and as it becomes possible easily screw a pair into rotation basically everything is like this instead
  • 05:23: on both sides in the clutch here there is about 5 millimeters with each parties and that is squeeze fomkoy the secret mechanism from there is no way it will turn out that there is steel hardened here everything is serious