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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I decided to share information on how to make material which is in its characteristics surpasses natural skin or skin replacer it can also replace it in some cases that is for you will not need this material no complicated equipment form powerful sewing machines that are stitched thick skin no special skills too you will not need materials for this
  • 00:31: serve cat cotton fabric or jeans what else they call you can do varied even the most difficult cases for mobile devices on the example here such as I laid out now as well a holster for a gun or something like i planted a glass piece cotton fabric or jeans like hers call took it ink water soluble now I'll add here
  • 01:03: impregnation and pva glue i.e. impregnated with pva 50 glue to 50 impregnation 117 pva glue most ordinary you can use any ink therefore, let's get it if you do of course use white shade cloth any color you want me now
  • 01:33: the whole thing is about cutting this matter and I will give dry out It turned out such a little incomprehensible color i'm not enough dye added now from there back into the black dye volume here and let this thing dry out and more I'll go over it again just once do to make this thing all not afraid of water that is, was absolute
  • 02:10: water resistance I decided to add such a thing as chrome the peak also name it chemically sounds potassium dichromate or potassium dvuhromovokisly that is generally such deal this thing when interacting with pva glue when dry will give such an effect that pva glue will absolutely not be afraid moisture in general will not swell though its You can not add principle, but I
  • 02:41: add chrome peak is also called potassium dichromate or potassium dichromate is if anyone needs get it it's easy to get and it costs a penny in chemical reagents also It is used in skin processing industry in order for leather It becomes dense and sprawling and
  • 03:13: before it was used photochemistry then There is in my opinion for fixing the photo ready-made pictures to fix I smeared all the impregnation if you do not have
  • 03:54: impregnation 117 you can just glue pva dilute with water add dye under what color do you want to get and everything chrome singing is also optional but he gives a very good water repellent properties ie two swell for example Water will not do it now I I spread everything on a plank and I'm alone side neatly trimmed now scissor this stuff
  • 04:32: or any other cutting tool will be much better than the fabric itself as long as she looked like the skin itself so it has become so very rupture resistant shock this material also not afraid maybe i will attach trial I will close not so that the blade of the words is flush with cloth Now I will take the contour neatly cut The first time I did not quite
  • 05:13: that's exactly why I decided like this to trim the blade now need here the same here the same should be a little bit off the edge move and do like this the fact is that the knife here in this the place has such an elevation of cameras and here
  • 05:46: this distance should this distance is therefore necessary move this edge to the same distance what is here then and now the world and watch all 48 millimeters and that was such a thing
  • 06:20: it is empty pva glue with its i'm a little bit will dial With a chrome peak, I overloaded the syringe and
  • 07:07: Now I will walk neatly on this edge is not so between the blade and adhesive layer I left the distance I put on inner surface adhesive layer especially to be good strength in general due to the fact that inside was applied
  • 07:54: right which dried well under the hair dryer this pv layer which is applied for Gluing very, very quickly picked that is, he no longer razlazitsya that is keep their shape left him a little dry up here I think half an hour it's just lie down and be perfect ideally blade need to wrap oilcloth the packaging is so thin oilcloth to wrap and sticking so that nowhere is not stuck and the blade could have no problem she get it but I did in general
  • 08:25: so the joint has dried up now I did it like this Here is the way I nail it a little bit all this I took the case and now with scissors here neatly cut off all the excess clipped now I will open this case here neatly taped to show it I will not do everything just like here was done that part where I inserted the blade neatly done
  • 08:56: cut here and here and bent like this Here is the fabric so that you can tuck in in general, we can say if now glued this whole thing already completely need would be ready but I want to make them denser in All because I am now about glue here all of put a layer of glue will give dry here also sweat on fabric I will put I will wrap this whole thing and cut it in shape general then so completely like here
  • 09:26: was i want just more density if do it to the agency it will be quite enough to protect the blade from various effects and so that the knife should in the backpack say so nothing cut the same loop to could I cling to the belt Glue a little later due it is convenient to apply on straight sections
  • 10:27: plastic cards where there are bends I put my finger smeared rather it most convenient here on the other side now I will repeat the same in general here show it and there is nothing the second drawing, that is, it is necessary for what so that the layer is even there were no tubercles of tissue let's say it can be seen as long as it turns out so bad stick if it is too high roughness that is tubercle that is
  • 10:58: pva glue stretches a little and stays void it is best avoided secondly, when the second layer is the last will apply the fabric then it will stick well because of what pulls moisture from the pva glue into this layer in that and everything will be tightly in the second this thing you can still call photo emulsions if you do not black paint let's say it mix possible under the ultraviolet lamp place either a fluorescent lamp or
  • 11:28: just sunflower radiation and she let's say the bottom blitz that is, it will become solid well after Drying is meant of course that is she will not be afraid of water at all here and all processed completely dried also handled the inside that is the part that will go cover here
  • 12:00: here's to the right glued now I will step by step apply one strip stick here then how does she grab the second lane I will put already stuck here condition completely glue something that I cut off the excess you need well dried out and I decided this one
  • 13:32: Part of a little sanding this I took emery number 40 is our very large tank here you can take a smaller process will go very slowly even if it business is all too busy for it is useless try to polish she will be mated she will just drive like tires and all nothing will come of it now I will do so here is good enough all I will sit down a little bit now
  • 14:28: I will continue exactly the same this I show I will not be here for just a few minutes I leveled the table surface she fairly smooth and level ie can say excellent tips polished like me just like that put me a little bit he led and he rounded the garden I turned out good enough now the whole thing painted over the mixture that you already showed for this chrome peak and ink in black waters though ink again I can use that
  • 15:00: the colors that you want that is to your taste this is the remainder of the fabric I worked
  • 15:30: cut from it a loop in order to could need to be fixed on the belt I doubled the strip and doubled it like it dried up I cut off the end of two pieces of small and bent the strip itself and the vintage is the same
  • 16:02: the whole thing stuck it up is done very just because I did not show it now I stuck a loop over here and can say everything is ready and those who want can do let's say so a strip with button so that it is secure all held just looked at the knife just so it does not slip out very tightly enters into the right and let's say he doesn't will be able to fall out nowhere it does not happen then I do not see the point
  • 16:34: I made a button loop before that I certainly looked like u me belt in thickness and width there is a small gap here so there will be keep everything just fine in general we can say so we need turned out very very dense good reliable you can say so when it lies down Well, with a week, then chrome peak finally will react with glue pva i.e. chrome the peak will throw away the chromium salts that make in water insoluble is generally better
  • 17:07: just of course keep in a warm place then the reaction goes faster after that i the whole thing about my little water is she like the rule becomes a little yellowish this is not to be afraid that it is surface ompoms that stayed on the surface is washed off it is best done in order that if such are needed they will fall under the rain somewhere don't just get dirty clothes, that's all I advise everyone repeat this experience if you want out such material do for example
  • 17:38: case for mobile phone or there for tablet for example that is to say such protective little books there is something here so here or on the belt case of this type then I advise you to do this stuff a little more elastic would be at about 20cc syringe would add just a few drops glycerin I will not say exactly how much because pva glue is different
  • 18:08: hardness when drying well in general I advise you just to experiment glycerin makes the material more elastic ie it does not become as solid as this and it remains as elastic easily bends that is more like tone natural skin though generally you You can make a cover of any thickness want to make it easier decide how much glycerin you need Do I need to add and do I need it?
  • 18:38: do such a test which you can do right by looking at it video take a piece of cotton fabric is jeans or cotton as it is called to put it on a flat surface which then you can clean and saturate with glue pva without chrome peak even without glycerin just do an experiment and look what this stuff is it turns out to break he is very very durable as well he is hitting in not afraid but in general it is understandable a deal that will protect well what
  • 19:09: under it is at some skill from this material you can easily make a pistol holster for example or the same case of any complex configuration such as I used to go under the cameras just as a sample that is, I think if you figure it out the material you get is it material will be able to perfectly replace most cases skin the more x on the characteristics of it even surpasses that is he is enough
  • 19:40: wear-resistant not afraid of water shock and cracks there is nothing like that on it It is formed to all thanks for attention those to whom this material will not be useful forget to put your finger up subscribe to the channel will be many more interesting and good luck to all