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Pythagoras Dl's exercise Developments Memory \/ Training Memories \/ Receptions and Technicians Zapominaniya

Pythagoras Dl's exercise Developments Memory \/ Training Memories \/ Receptions and Technicians Zapominaniya  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want to welcome share with you one helpful exercise for memory development you clear words Matveev champion Russian memorization best-seller phenomenal memory of this exercise very positively spoke my students who were different courses or studied my material itself exercise very simple its essence is is that at the end of each day before falling asleep for minutes
  • 00:30: 10-15 you are just in your head scroll all day that meant by all of it is a set of consecutive pictures from right from the moment as you stood with bed and finishing while you are here Again there were and already preparing sleep and all all all gaps that It was among these hotels the two actions
  • 01:00: ie starting from the how you got into the sneaker and went to brush her teeth and ending with those with whom you today We get to know who you are We are seen while traveling e.g. work home or while standing in traffic or while We went to the store Now all these details you remember, and then Of course there are different formats you can quickly these Pictures scroll and accent attention such as the most important information such as
  • 01:30: What was the name of several people with whom you met what you like remember certain data that you useful in the future in which case you will emphasize the attention only the most important one and it It will not hold a lot of time that is maybe there about 3 minutes but you can also try as much as possible detailed recall all episodes for day and so will hold it a little longer there are 57 possible even Ten minutes well as the
  • 02:00: Typically more than ten minutes is never at I have not held because often there actions are repeated and there is no point simply scroll like you such work for computer can just remember how some basic things you I do the job name well there in your phone or on the computer and what the results you will be able to if you get regularly these exercises students are often
  • 02:30: and regularly performed exercise implemented in noted that the practice of they have become more careful for the day they became longer Attention is drawn to details became longer ignore the fact that before this did not seem to We have seen this as for them is empty if but blind spots Now they have become notice improved concentration and respectively when improves attention the concentration of the memory too automatically you clearly improved and better remembered
  • 03:01: information on this just try for at least one to two weeks every day for 35 minutes this is not much just already ready for bed and lying scroll important in head events of the day and how Once you you try to do unsubscribe and your results if you think about this video if you help I will be glad therefore I will wait your comments I hope you do
  • 03:31: exercise proved useful place huskies subscribe on my channel with you was Stanislav Matveev and see you following video