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Irish lace. Straightening of motives.  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear needlewomen me name is Catherine I want to show you how I dried my tits I cut and I wanted to wash the place did not want do not wash do not iron so here I found a piece of foam rubber rather foam it here I have it decided to fix my motives on it needle on pins but so they don't get dirty I took another piece of cellophane
  • 00:35: just cut the pathos put top strengthened the motives that I need was that they straightened because in the process of knitting and not here are such motives bound bye and decided here to straighten them so straight I do not know , I have already dried up so I fixed everything on needle pins in rome for such flowers here
  • 01:06: Itachi penance I did not hide I thought that it was not enough what I I will not disband, but probably not I will remove the threads so now I I will shoot and see what we have it turned out such a twig here is this sprig of happiness and see it I was evaluated by Krutin I drained her leaks since i have my private house
  • 01:38: me they are dried and whose screams are rocket men up high and did anyone really love you you understand that if they were drenched I use and zatarra net and position wash we will have the product on there so I think that the hotel is not Terek be sure to look now these from came up with our way of course this
  • 02:12: also naturally applies here i don't I didn't see. I don't know. cover what you got because when will we include this all mesh we need that the tricks were even length please look here all here they are all exactly here they are Aligned and our little leaves are all possible
  • 02:42: already do pattern guess everything is good here's a flower if for but now let's see this remove the flower now from fasten but I did rights like how we knit that right side down the inside of the top here is a leaf here it is
  • 03:13: straightened here straightened all straight accept st all is well so here twigs yet imposed different because came like this say because the branches because they Aristide and not all the same twigs branches which bend see the light not all the same and then now
  • 03:45: say and like thread I took show shocked here leaves go straight still not twisted here so they strings now I will say from what strings still licked
  • 04:16: take and cars are such here recurrence is in my on these here sprig on these branches there I still call. also Applied but curl I still for now they are ok I will not wash them fours so no not so i'm looking see Roses Roses I will not show now Here I have
  • 04:50: roses are imposed here such here there is still a little white here such here Rozochka this white and I knit from here are the strings Turkish cars like this rosette so here is such a rose knitting too strings of ali zakharov Here is such a rosette, I think they also do not
  • 05:20: it is necessary to erase torture and so this Rosette thread here the name will tell you here is our pehorka successful here is such a rosette turned out such a rose and so small flower still see different small roses
  • 05:50: too sorry. so so here I do not know what else you add something to say while probably on this is all so extra work I do not need first the first time when started starting to learn to knit then i Seen enough video same these forces my motives I washed and dried them somewhere not lost in me somewhere I am confusing
  • 06:22: was looking for this one to lose who don't know where I shove this one with this wash and with this dryer here and so well along the roads and everything has dried very quickly goodbye to new meetings