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  • 00:00: [music] all the good time of day today i I will cook very tasty and easy dish is vegetable soup vegetable soup will be I'm on cream with melted cheese and on chicken broth who does not have chicken broth should be prepared simply on normal water but it will not be so satisfying and not so tasty for this soup to us you need two small squash 12 potato carrot onion garlic fused
  • 00:33: cheese cream October 15 interest which you have literally 200 grams of chicken broth and course seasonings seasoning you can take in your I need the knife at the tip , I will add the nutmeg here at me turmeric measles little pepper and coriander some Provencal herbs
  • 01:03: I have a homemade such a seasoning here I have a green verdure and I add the celery root too Little who likes spicy add a little pepper chili it will be very tasty and so for we need to cut vegetables prepare them and proceed we chop the onions and cook them garlic Yes, I forgot to say that it will be with us
  • 01:34: cream soup tail throw out the garlic [music] take a deep saucepan or a cauldron add a small amount vegetable oil and put it here onion and garlic [music] from easily admit to 3 of them exchange is not
  • 02:05: forget to stir to keep the onions burnt out but it became simply transparent while it is fried onion chop the carrots But small pieces that she had time to Here we are going to cook here carrots and also lightly fry an owl carrots gave color with intense stirring immediately, I send all seasoning when seasoning is combined with
  • 02:37: oil at high temperature they give more bright aroma and with such fry and turmeric gives a very beautiful bright yellow orange color to our the first dish now vegetables can be lightly Add and in the meantime we cut potatoes and zucchini if ​​zucchini young It is possible not to remove seeds not the peel
  • 03:08: [music] if desired, you can replace the potatoes additional zucchini in the total mass add ready-cut vegetables [music] pour a small amount of broth bring to a boil and from the moment of boiling cook for 15-20 minutes to make vegetables very soft
  • 03:38: cover you need to cover the cook on average fire and while preparing vegetables prepare croutons as soup-puree we will serve with herbs and garlic croutons We take a loaf cut into small cubes in general, the croutons are very delicious it is from white bread and it is better of course take toast bread
  • 04:08: they will be more tender and friable we send to a baking sheet and slightly sprinkle with lemon juice you can add prov herbs we send to the oven for baking already heated at 200 degrees exactly at 5-7 minutes and we will prepare this time garlic oil and at the very end of minutes for 57 before cooking I add sweet pepper
  • 04:38: this is a very fragrantly useful and delicious matter in that he is really preparing quickly do not want to digest it [music] croutons are ready here are such golden beautiful do not work I cut 1 clove of garlic
  • 05:08: take a griddle well and heat it up add a little vegetable oil literally gram 10 2 is no longer needed add garlic and slightly add who likes salted we will add a bit Provenance herbs and all this is good let's put it on the oil look carefully so it does not burn out. garlic is the most important thing that he bought slightly golden color of this will be absolutely enough, well, here's the garlic ready
  • 05:38: Our fragrant oil is ready for send culture here and well stir our croutons refueling for soup ready soup brewed we'll take the cheese and we will squeeze into a large grater send sex while he is hot and everything is good mix and give to cheese slightly melted now take the submerged
  • 06:10: blender and we'll take soup [music] ready super and send to gas add hot cream necessarily hot otherwise the court can change its color mix well, bring to boil peppy it and cook for another 5 minutes in at the very end we try for salt
  • 06:40: salt at the tip of the knife add nutmeg that's all our super and ready to serve it with croutons and greens soup is very tasty delicate prepared easily and quickly I think that cook once you will cook I often wish everyone a pleasant appetite and our dish is ready I think that the recipe you will like to subscribe to our channel leave your comments
  • 07:11: forget about the bell in the right the top corner to receive notifications about the appearance on the channel of new dishes subscribe to our family channel link will be under the video of a pleasant you good day's appetite with you was I irina beating [music] and today I have a little purchase a variety of milk and fruits, or rather
  • 07:43: vegetables and meat in general I'll start with vegetables young potatoes by the way, he even cleaned with us is well worth all the hryvnia for a kilogram here a little more kilograms of tomato and here are the cream were carried on the eve like a cream of 12 or per kilogram here is the price at the bazaar can be buy cream of smaller and more natural
  • 08:14: cream for 10 hryvnia per kilogram delicious fragrant salad tomato case sour cream sour cream costs 15 hryvnia 200 grams milk 15 hryvnia 870 gram even before the floor nine hundred fifty grams 900 now 870 so that here so here we are fooled and the price grows in the district and it's a firm and I took whey serum costs 10 hryvnia here liter literally liter
  • 08:46: I will do okroshka and sour cream or Serum took on okroshku took vegetable oil vegetable oil costs 800 70 grams 23 hryvnia now share parsley parsley is very expensive now parsley is even cheaper to buy on hands at grandmothers because 160 hryvnia per kilogram so far we have such a valuable and
  • 09:16: in summer the same thing happens a little bit over a little bit 50 grams almost 8 hryvnia in general, I think that grandmothers are all two times cheaper very expensive took a piece of meat now and a fire on the frying pan beam kebab blew up well, I think that one and a half hours this piece will be it's enough this neck I always take in mostly or spatula good a good spatula without having lived or with the neck if you fry meat
  • 09:48: the necks are now one hundred and thirty-three hryvnia per kilogram here a little less kilogram on it 12 percent discount Now at us in children always any shares on the shoulder, too, is now a stock and on chicken quarter is also good now a discount took the loaf of loaf now worth 5 greenbird this is a sea ​​futon chill fuad price for birds is just the very thing and in the summer very I like to make croutons do Glinka who you smear them with soft cheese I
  • 10:19: I love someone with mayonnaise garlic still lubricating I add here treasure cucumber pickle cucumber boiled egg turns out very tasty summer toasts and washing powder took that's a big 24 kilograms is the company itself I already took it versatile for everything costs only 40 hryvnias if such powders costs you a full kilogram and then melts or ariel they cost 70 80 90 hryvnia then
  • 10:50: this one costs half as much and washing does not worse than tried and themes and this in general, you can normally to say so here are these kind of purchases small I spent only 267 and hryvnia for these purchase is 10 dollars if in rubles multiply by 2 dollars we have 26 and euro 31 all good day and good mood [music]