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  • 00:03: Hello friends this Economy canal house Today I will tell you about how you can save your bulbs we bulbs economical diode has a spiral bulbs and they often burn and we do not know why is this happening such that the light but we need to burn discover easy to understand why he burned light bulbs are taken due to the fact that there have
  • 00:30: our house old Vacuum cleaners washing cars also have electric motor engine which It located in the courtyard and also their neighbors in old technology which people use and Running this art there is a sharp jump pulse amperage it He jumps over I took then start up the motor and the moment when he has started talking leap network and
  • 01:01: force once it is very large and in order to discharge him or it is extinguished by itself time and fly the right time inclusion is the brain learn how to light economical and Television paid so and a gas boiler, and It takes place in the mountains Cafe Maritime Protection there is every creature protect the country This restart is Kalmanka protection and fuse that that was not this combustion
  • 01:30: passing such special network filters Here the feed and the internal We'll show you I Now here such here there was no such filter it Here is a this creature star Boris 88 thousand here such Slonovskii but that's it walking it stands in the Aristarchus 20d 471 to that is it designed 100 amperes of current and when it snaps
  • 02:02: whether the voltage and there is only strengthen It turns out that in the schedule it inflates and he put out yourself this jump this swing mustard for this and are sold network filters where just inserted one Common in Rexxar they are very important these arrests but they cost a penny that's sold already surge of the French there and all sorts Still there are inside a Pine 2 varistor such solder write very
  • 02:31: there are many joules they quenched fluctuations but costs are very big money for the money can be buy a few hundred varistor because very worth it great for that anyone can do here are the baristas Buy they are penny and I them that I do such varistors I'm just taking in rezetku where my It consists in the kitchen washing machine old or more for example somewhere I
  • 03:01: I put equipment protection and they have Buy your filter I praise him Boris back and put such varistors bolnichku took on zazhimchiki twisted and all in place and creatures star but not as it is here such as here these here He is fluent in Offshore long time its weight and torn and to insert the rear its bay. and clamping on I zazhimchiki Now show one take it out of the druid I'll show him how and put it It happens then I jump when he
  • 03:31: whatever would be extinguish it in Rexxar If the kitchen me costs for example there is an old refrigerator and in time grams I want to start up lamp at 1 January I think you why We burned Mom's and because it was burned from the jump was but only quality Varis if I varistors will stand in a room another room, he does not help for light bulbs that are on kitchen or bath corridor and once that
  • 04:01: the closest are from this object either the refrigerator motor or whether it is welding there somewhere in the yard Wali welding is the most first you still swirling it will kill all but if sunbathing and I will plug it will boil after will be constantly mow these fluctuations jumps and everything so I He has made a decision put them attack baristas put in dash grid where I there are devices where it is dangerous turn on the vacuum cleaner which is included a refrigerator that's
  • 04:31: not only where the Prince sitting home include also set himself everywhere on the table here Such are the wanderer stove and are thus way I lamps burn only what increases already passed how about four year I burned four year have burned light mother burned but it is likely they are even old age in full We repaired all the remaining bulbs no goal coastal and to this I constantly burning lamps are not only burned and TV
  • 05:00: burned burned a doctor long I stood once and Monitor burned here opposite the max is transformer booth at the station and that such a large we are not going but we know very first apartment and We constantly challenges It happens all the time all lit so I can Now disassemble your rezinochku and show I put and where I put Borisov here
  • 05:30: not now I come It is to show you To do this, try now figured out let Now I'm great see and carefully
  • 06:02: show over there business even further here he is there Here it is clamped Here are you here squeeze out Here and now it's there for a long time returns's worth so I appliances do not burn it
  • 06:31: Canal House was Economy good luck sign up stavte huskies bye