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Алексей Маматов. Оздоровительная практика" Проработка мышц стопы"  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] but armor friends let's briefly repeat those useful things that we studied with you on the first introductory webinar and so the development of the muscles of the foot and the clamps on them we take and gently pull out a large finger on myself I try to maximize
  • 00:32: stretch it then all subsequent fingers and in the same way we work through fingers in the sole of us bending pull your leg with your nose and try bend over to her and also work with with a toe looking for a singular point on the top of the inner and work out and strong
  • 01:02: pressure as well as on the opposite side repeat all the same for the other feet and a couple of accents on massage movements every time we have possibility to work out our stops by Walking on any surface be it snow mud grass asphalt you take this opportunity we pay special attention to those surfaces which are usually people
  • 01:33: ignore why are you so bumpy with pebbles? because this is an additional study Our feet are all edges that can mop my legs especially if they cause me moderate discomfort I try use to their advantage giving special attention sensitive internal zones at our feet Here, and home gravel and country grass and the edge of the step and just laid
  • 02:04: bar of wood practice and wait for help the next webinar of success to you [music] really [music] [music]