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  • 00:00: discounts on manual electrotool link in the description under video my subscriber asked to show how I sharpen a drill but I'm already on automatic machine sharpen drill but that more it was understandable a little bit so to speak theories Lelik Beta this is my drill bit and there is a killed and yet him even here so Drill LOUPILE Soviet Union without punchers have done responsibility well, that's me so would have taken in order
  • 00:32: to show how you can even from such here is such a slain drills can be made the divine eagle so with this I just sharpened, too, was I'm killed and it's the same let's be restore for in order to reestablish one must understand one thing then a night drill drilling 2 cutting Edges here it is 9 Here it is two cutting
  • 01:02: edge and they should be parallel to each other friend and sharp and that's it. here the fall goes back side and a drop like this I want to achieve now I'll show you. goes if you take one the side is 60 degrees if both sides 120 but actually there 116 118 but plus minus 30
  • 01:32: percent can move left and right I just took it like 120 degrees lighter than to consider here such template created it's checking here Here I will show a this template for sharpener that's how I take it template this navigate it's easier these here like this took a template put a stone and drew with a felt-tip stones cutters need but
  • 02:02: I kind of like shiraz is rare their shore you see minimum should playground stone this is just and smooth naturally a stone there must be a ball to sew well, just a piece metal and its align preferably I will not win it such a thing but here stone or shore only for swirls so here it is already here there is a devil here this yoke navigate
  • 02:32: it will be necessary here 60 degrees we have it there will be each side together 120 now I I'll switch to a tripod if I have exactly practically factory cone drill I'm now I will show as a template check your cheeks here see we take and cutting edges exhibitions and 2 cutting we put the edges on this template is all gets here honed and fought here suppose I put here so I think so what? this is not to receive
  • 03:03: nights should be put on cutting edges see and there are 120 degrees for to start to sharpen here still there is such a murdered I drill a little let's start a little such a theory of the finger add up under the drill handwriting 60 times duce exhibiting features drill and cutting the edge is this here must be parallel to the stone and here such movements
  • 03:33: we do it that is made a move imprisoned later 180 degrees turned upside down again the same position and again with your finger in the woods in the stone it is possible if there a little bit like stumble whether something yet it's impossible if you fix The finger is excellent and it's you will not go anywhere works only here this hand well, let's start finger drill parallel cutting
  • 04:04: edge and here is the movement 2 done turned over 180 degrees again I will put out 60 degrees zolla so repeat from look at the edge that 's stupid from
  • 04:41: everything is fine so far check by template it is the cutting edges here's the template all excellent then here's the one for. manual many do some adaptations i have it frankly speaking not understand from me always liked how let's say a turner chisel
  • 05:12: chisel no problem approached 1 1 1 not everything went well for him that is, skills you can work skills these movements you can work out and then you already a feature can always be even a draft to draw orient yourself here these 60 degrees but here this movement work out elementary without any devices and sharpen Ideality red here this is my sharpening
  • 05:42: drill with you was a channel antiquated method of his sharpened and even given not your own way everything grind already experienced people, I do not I say that I'm strong Experienced well, that's how I am sharpen Elementary drills without every possible adaptations I I hope the street satisfied your question write in and comments and essence of itself just here such stencils 2 they do not interfere with to learn
  • 06:14: it's cool to suck it