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ВКУСНЯТИНА для детишек ВЫПЕЧКА на кефире  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, Ilya and the channel are preparing with love today we will delight prepare your children cookies for children cookies on kefir with apple filling inside there is nothing softer and tastier watch the video and cook with me for cookies on kefir we will need The following products 350 grams of flour floor a teaspoon of a baking powder a pinch of salt 100 grams of sugar 150 grams of butter and 150 milliliters of kefir fat one
  • 00:34: the percentage for the filling can be used any mashed potatoes or applesauce mashed potatoes i'm an empty applesauce and will stuffing in my cookie dough I will knead by hand we take a bowl pour out flour add flour to the flour add salt sugar all mixed and now add cold oil 150
  • 01:08: grams of butter and well now butter grind with flour we should have a baby baby we did make a deepening and pour kefir kefir in my cold
  • 01:38: 150 milliliters will now knead dough by hand is very convenient which its consistency already see first my hands were dirty now to everyone Here we are longer
  • 02:10: knead the dough so watch your hands i automatically become clean practically pure proportions calculated right so you can cook same dough by hand quick test for kefir are very tender and delicious cookies necessarily children should like my children with apple puree he is adored
  • 02:41: we take out the dough again I want to show you structure watch dough do not stick to hands soft and gentle now take plastic bag Put the dough in the bag and for half an hour put it in the fridge not in freezer namely namely fridge the dough should rest a little and cool the table sprinkle with flour get
  • 03:14: dough with fridge [music] divide the dough into two parts one part put aside another part divide by 2 working with the first two parts of the test so we roll out the dough in
  • 03:48: rectangular layer add flour dough roll out 2 millimeters thick two pieces of dough we rolled out the rectangle is almost the same The size of the next thing we do is we lay out the stuffing in my apple sauce
  • 04:18: natural homemade so we try so evenly mash mash can be replaced by any jam well, that 's all with it there is strength and then gently slowly we take the second part of the dough and cover
  • 04:53: from above do not pull here we are watching well see where we applesauce crushed for insurance and now we take or knife for pizza linu what do you have first
  • 05:26: hold the wheel fasten together 2 cakes then divide the rectangular layer on two parts well and now we cut our cookies to pieces here at the same time neatly here so that i
  • 06:01: don't hurt 2 and reason now we shift our biscuits with filling on baking tray which I made parchment silicone coated with removal problems there will be no to insure that our mashed potatoes did not run away I'm passing my fingers around the edges I'm just
  • 06:36: I look that does not offer among themselves the dough is nothing wrong if you finger will pass now cut cookies so we We will be sure that the filling will remain it is in cookies that you can make a fork there will be a beautiful drawing from the second part do the same test rolled out two rectangles of dough
  • 07:08: must be thin dough thickness 2 even if half meter and now lay out the stuffing and cover the second part of the test cut into portions and now finger together between two layers
  • 07:41: test it sure i'm just afraid that the filling of ours will run out and the cookies are no longer it will be like this should be believe it dough on kefir very tasty and apple filling it is homemade applesauce there is nothing better children eat it cookies for both cheeks so try
  • 08:13: when cooking his children will appreciate cookies we put in preheated oven to one hundred eighty degrees to mid level mode up down with sediment dough do plain figure cookies biscuits baked 25 minutes from the rest of the dough I made figurine cookies and that 's the same put in a preheated oven for a hundred eighty degrees on average
  • 08:43: top-bottom figurine mode put out 15 minutes this cookies fall lightly sprinkled sugar on top powder left to look and try taste cookies look believe it very tasty and tender cookies she slightly layered soft inside and this flavored homemade applesauce
  • 09:16: kids just love cook make your family happy for you all appetite and lucky you baking this little figurine cookies are obtained as a cracker, see it here so slightly Here is with pimples gentle and very delicious and I eat it like sunflower seeds in general, choose any option making cookies for this recipe
  • 09:47: both options are very tasty on my channel there are many recipes cookies They are all delicious ingredients listed in exact proportions cook with me subscribe put likes on my channel and was with you aero and channel are preparing with love to new bye for now