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How to clear the TOILET BOWL of the AWFUL limy raid and an uric stone? Part 2.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone We continue experiment with a very dirty toilet the first video about cleaning the toilet we experimented with coca-cola and lemon acid if you do not have this video they saw it necessarily see experiment turned out interesting today we again came to a removable our friends and decided continue experiment our today's the goal is to wash
  • 00:30: not the entire toilet bowl it is this knee that's this inner part so how this part was very launched like this look like this lists and time toilet bowl first thing ideas of rubber gloves and pump out water otherwise concentration light from toilet bowls which we we will clean it too few press on empty we put the bottle in water and pressure sucking measures you can do this empty
  • 01:01: one-time cups pour into the toilet bowl 2 a liter of table nine percent vinegar If you find seventy interest will still be better and leave at 8 hours or you can leave for the night [music] on toilet paper
  • 01:32: watered with vinegar and we lay it under the rim of the toilet bowl also can be decomposed soaked in vinegar toilet paper on all internal toilet bowl vinegar is excellent removes urolithic on the ice inside the knee and all yellow spots after 8 hours we remove all toilet paper impregnated in toilet vinegar [music] then do not empty the vinegar
  • 02:23: we go all inside the toilet bowl here and there it Yorshik remaining interior toilet bowl [music] then merge all water
  • 02:54: [music] [applause] the result is noticeable, we practically expelled pollution remains quite a bit from still under with help toothbrush in the knee toilet bowl farther and
  • 03:24: efforts that you are sure that remaining pollution you now see will go completely friends do not forget put on husky [music] [applause] [music] but the conclusion is
  • 04:13: with vinegar can be cleaned knee of the toilet before perfect condition not attaching large you are not only about cleaning the toilet and disinfect and that's germs the only problem smelly smell of vinegar after cleaning the toilet will need properly check in a separate video we show and tell how to wash the whole look tass completely and of course give
  • 04:43: many useful tips for today Total watch our video for cleaning the toilet bowl Coke goodbye to you put husks write comments subscribe to our channel until [music] [music]