Why FLOWS kran-BUKSA? Or as MAKE A FOOL of us!!!  See details »

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  • 00:06: If you tap in buried bush it flew slowly I have here some here business reason flowing axle box very simple inside she manufacturer puts plastic gasket which erased screen begins to flow in the shakes tightly around stock one millimeter copper wire Cut one ring and solder joint and to reliability seal
  • 00:31: copper is almost always have I have to tell you about was slightly thicker so after I soldering He grinds off metal hears a file but why manufacturer puts flimsy gasket in This tricky place I I think you already guess compare the thickness wear waste pads are not seen the naked eye is not
  • 01:00: Remember to lubricate silicone gum on that serving as the seals to the water is not flowing through tap the top if worn gum under them can be podmotat strips fum-tape dress stock back to the ring not will interfere Hats limiting crane turn so you must first put ring in place and then put the rod limescale easy to clean citric acid dissolved in water noticed that the red
  • 01:30: silicone usually plug always in perfect state as ceramic inserts from a long work does not It has the following generating and vice versa better get ground each other subscribe to and do not miss the rest of my videos all short save you time