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  • 00:00: in this video I will share with you is very useful recipe horseradish goofy which I will help cleanse our body used in total two ingredients horseradish and moonshine alcohol vodka the main thing that was 50 percent of the fortress here i use it alcohol in this in this face I use
  • 00:31: alcohol can be seen I think 50 percent of the fortress I I dilute the good water from pepper and see now we these are the horseradish leaves who cut literally 10 minutes backward now is just the time for the manufacture of such infusion we these are the roots which we have is long we are like this up to cut them off now I will trim and
  • 01:04: continue and here we have Here this edge is we do not need it but leaves turns out here so here they look and we have them here in full just put in some kind of jar I I use on liter alcohol diluted up to 50 percent fortresses and a half liter container for bookmark leaves and completely these the leaves are like you it turns out that we
  • 01:35: put here fully stuff this one a jar and here we have you get a bank stuffed with horseradish leaves they are already flooding our alcohol right here here in this jar watch it quack but there is a little bit not
  • 02:05: did not reach the end of this nothing scary one thing to be and we close the lid here hermetic cover and put in refrigerator for 2 weeks period all in fridge it is necessary This is not the case for this curative tinctures every day on just remove from refrigerator like this do then eat and pull and we it turns out
  • 02:37: green infusion this is green infusion we must take 30 grams per second morning and evening in front of food and that's when it's infusion to us peel a stomach liver and lung here at least a month It is not necessary to take it frightened that this every day take this
  • 03:07: some kind of alcoholic trust me with the tincture that when you are 30 grams use before taking food and then you just through five to ten minutes ok to myself eat and in general, nothing at all I can not hear it literally through a week you see how much your body is already so will appear energy if permissible at the end
  • 03:38: here nastoechka you will seem so harsh one can and add a little bit literally here on this the whole portion can be add two spoons tea and honey and you can add lemon juice one teaspoonful one tablespoon 2 well, roughly speaking, you can so do one a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon lemon juice she this is not necessarily you
  • 04:10: can not, in principle, add only honey can even slightly add sugar if let's say you will have if you want improve this drink so that it was nice to him and drink 30 grams it yourself understand what it is very little I think that no improvements and it is not necessary for this apply because right now it's just season good horseradish sheets
  • 04:41: they are now just in the juice exactly the moment now what can I do here this nibble You can use it literally on throughout the year if we will have two weeks in refrigerator and mine and filter should be bottled some bottles or that's the same energy punk is important gormiti was closed and all
  • 05:11: we consume to ourselves all health successes apply take advantage of moments up to speed