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(229) A hook for beginners. How to knit an amiguruma ring a hook + for beginners. - YouTube

(229) A hook for beginners. How to knit an amiguruma ring a hook + for beginners. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello this video tutorial, I like you wanted to show how do the right thing amigurumi ring sliding loop or magic ring so also called and I would like you show how to type his columns without nakida well, e.g. Take 10 columns and insignia We do clamped between and two great fingers index and middle thread tip strings left
  • 00:30: hand wrapped with We continue to adhere to the thread is stretched and hook injected under a loop around your finger grab the thread and this petelechku again grab the thread we derive it We consolidated our ring now making a Example 10 columns and marks Enter under here so inside ringlet hook grab
  • 01:01: and 2 stretch another thread look We go to ring I grab a thread again grab two stretch This we already 2 column, without sc tightening again Input Output 2 loop again grab ring grab ring It captures through sinful grab
  • 01:31: Mike Farley is we have 5 turns and loops snip and 6 again in the ring you capture kind of remember you need to pour ring to capture and 2 petelechki is passed again ring capture 2 petelechki thread the like this This is how we already 8 ring again grab
  • 02:01: draws and 9 Paltseva grab pulls 10 food our personal practice with a hook and with the help of Now this tip strings sloptank tighten here and so easy pull on the edge grab it here our magic ring amigurumi ten columns, without sc Now in this way
  • 02:32: if you need do ring amigurumi and it let's say 10 column one sc This should be done way take yarn I'll take back the hook yarn of a different the color that you would be more clear and understandable that is, we took the tour and also take the hook great again do between the thumb and
  • 03:03: index and middle finger stifle the edge strings do this here girth thread fingers You pull the dive under the ring grab a thread again grab thread and do petelechku anchoring here it is moving Our loop ring in his dive Prastio do with nakida do more one air petelechku apart
  • 03:33: fixing do a feast dive in ring and inside grab a thread words capture thread is passed 2 petelechki extreme again I grab thread slips again finger and do sc dive captured by two through two loops enter and again grab over the remaining days this is our 2 column snow
  • 04:03: now again trapped dive ring grab a thread threaded through two and loop back through two are three loops column sukunai recaptured I have this ring so Now I grab First here is not about to sounds more 2 this is our 4 column with Now one sc recaptured thread Diving in the ring grab put through two
  • 04:33: again grab another tip is 5 a little can pull off if you do not have enough places and his little uncomfortable why Doll still moving repeat ring So you see the extreme for this extreme our thread grab little and stretches out stretches out extend contractible ring now again Do Naki dive
  • 05:04: our ring making the seizure of threaded two loops and again through the two loops . again nakida ring pull through two loops through the two loops nakida ring capture by two stretch loop two loops in this We got 8 columns with one sc
  • 05:34: again nakida dive a grab ring through two loops through 9 and 10 and again in sc two ring loop about the development through two loops Now keep the hook with our petelechka konechnik again take the latter's the edge of the edge contractible if you need to fix console
  • 06:04: You do connective the second column petelechku rise here and so find it accounted for here look so way grab thread once it is passed over the last petelechku here it is our ring with column with one one with a column with
  • 06:34: Many of you here is our ring not a guru not with a column on themselves I hope you like my lesson has helped smooth you ely drink snip all until till