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ВКУС ПИРОГА ВАС УДИВИТ))) Творожный пирог. TASTE OF PIE YOU'RE SURPRISED))) Cottage cheese pie.  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends, hello to you, Catherine and you I 'm cooking up a cool loaf on the channel today delicious cake that consists of shortbread dough and cottage cheese filling poppy seed here you see the ingredients enough for two such cakes under the video I will write a detailed recipe for one cake with a diameter of 20 centimeters so let's go start with cooking short pastry need flour butter sugar eggs baking powder vanillin and a little salt and butter with sugar, whip until white.
  • 00:30: gradually adding sugar after this add eggs here salt baking powder and vanilla to changing beaters dough hooks and bring in here flour [music]
  • 01:01: it turns out such a baby I collect it in one lump and send in the fridge about two for three for us roll it must grab to become more dense two thirds of the test roll into the reservoir 0 5 centimeters thick one third leave to do lid of the cake and put the form which I do not grease the only thing that I put parchment on the bottom
  • 01:31: I make paper beads 4 centimeters high now prepare the stuffing for this in curd add sugar egg a little salt and interrupting vanillin and cream with a blender homogeneous such mass add magician here and starch as you see, flour is perfect for us
  • 02:05: no starch required in this recipe combination with cream creates such brew texture tasteful cheese very interesting texture is obtained I probably even in the future all cheesecake will do completely without flour then do the following through the grater I rub the remaining dough and so closing the top of the cake by sending its baked in the oven preheated
  • 02:35: 200 degrees for 30 minutes give the enemy form to cool completely [music] sprinkle with powdered sugar you can try [music] [music]
  • 03:10: [music] [music] the cake is of course very tasty
  • 03:42: I liked the texture of the filling in Later come up with some of her the variation was glad to share with you the recipe subscribe friends to the channel put likes write comments all peace and good bye