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  • 00:00: So I remind you that we are knitting with your hat with the technique of intarsia Seashells in this case, look the first row we already have united in a circle we have one A single loop and in what way we go to the second tier shells that is the second tier of onions 1 he untied 2 I remind you that we raise the loop in this case I have 21 loop and goes to the seashell itself
  • 00:33: 1 already have begin to raise the eyelets from I immediately take a new loop that is, this is how I am now type here I should have 10 loops set is from the side cockleshell cockleshell shell shell that's all come up
  • 01:04: pulled myself out of the side here these even now Here are lying like these loops scored turned around now I'm lying here Of course not 21 loops in all arise where do they come from loops you now see everything means here I only need 10 loops 910 as the shell consists of 11 5
  • 01:41: loops oh of 21 sorry, then I dial the 11 loops by air here they are with me 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 andina live by the rules of air recruitment the first loop must be bound
  • 02:12: because the shells on my face knit clearly to the front side therefore now untie the facial loops of these 11 loops 10 which I typed from the side Shells of course not 10 because you now in this series we will begin to close triangle shell as you want and called the kind of it is exactly that
  • 02:44: there is at the end of the series here I go close the last 2 loops on the front side how do i close attention I take for the back walls 2 extremely standing loops and turning them into a front loop now I will be on that is, I see the entire series at the end of the series we just close the two loops but already
  • 03:17: purl loop in the same way there is a close 2 purl loops and so we knit swamis closing in each row that facial then with a back loop until the formation of one loop so here we go with
  • 03:48: you on the second tier when untie the last triangle will be to tie the last triangle you you will be joining this region and you again completely close the series then there is a second tier 1 2 closes exactly way to close 3 loops 3 loops close and just join 1 The windows are this and the part that we have
  • 04:20: now in limbo is located and at the end of the row at the end of the tier you affix already the last triangle to the first