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How to tie ears and to make short moustaches for a kitty \ud83d\ude3b\/\/MK

How to tie ears and to make short moustaches for a kitty \ud83d\ude3b\/\/MK  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello this video is offering to tie such a cute kitty cat fits as well as hare I leave a link here to put on video knitting playlist bunnies will be different only by ears we will connect with you show them how to arrange such here mustache for this master class us
  • 00:31: i need yarn this for this the moment I knit from such a yarn all too alize lanagold classic at this stage I crochet number three I want my cat to be a little bit more scissors wire cutters for embroidery
  • 01:01: the muzzle yarn is me canaris like I usually embroider the nose and rice needle enter ear like this here are the pins and good mood all who long ago asked for this video
  • 01:33: join in for knitting we need yarn need on my I have such a milky vanilla stage yarn is also alize lanagold classic color 01 lot 28 4910 240 meters in 100 grams need hook
  • 02:06: kitty i crochet number three and I want her to get me a little more this here to the question of tom why many knit by my master the bunny's class turns out a little more it all depends on density on density knitting and hooks they have different manufacturers they differ me this hook clover here also need more and scissors to cut in the tail so
  • 02:40: start knitting make amigurumi ring and knit in ring of 6 posts without crochet secured knit 6 single crochet 1 2 3 4 5 6 tighten the ring knit the second row of 2
  • 03:23: this is knitting 6 columns without nakida that is, above each column of the previous we knit a row of one column an den 2 3 4 5 6 knit the third row of the third row perform
  • 04:02: 6 additions, that is, we knit 2 nakida column above the column without nakida previous row in the first loop 1 increase following 2 increase following 3 increase following 4 increase next 5 gain next 6
  • 04:34: increase knit fourth row in fourth a row of knit without changing 12 columns without nakida that is in each column we knit the previous row one by one column 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and 12 knit fifth row
  • 05:24: in the fifth row we knit a column without nakida increase six times column without nakida increase the first time a column without single increase sometimes a single crochet increase third time column without crochet increase fourth time single crochet
  • 05:54: increase 5 times column without nakida we must increase 6 times at the end of the series get 18 posts without crochet knit 6 1 row of the sixth row just knit 18 single crochets a column of one column 1 and 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 to
  • 06:31: do not lose the beginning of the series can hang on him a marker or drink drag over here so the thread from the amigurumi ring like this
  • 07:03: I do usually knit the seventh row in the seventh row we knit 2 columns without nakida increase six times at the end of a row should get twenty four knit without crochet knit 2 columns without nakida increase for the first time two columns without nakida increase 2 1 2 columns without nakida increase 30 times
  • 07:33: one second column without crochet increase 4 1 1 2 increase pirates 1 12 increase 6 times now knit 2 rows this is 8 and 9 1 row 24 columns without crochet without
  • 08:03: teeth without gains unchanged [music] knotted do the connecting column
  • 08:36: we fix the thread we trim leave enough tail for sew here's a gun we have such such closet guns need to do 2 left
  • 09:10: decide to flash the ears near the wardrobe us need a 5-ku wardrobe us You will need here such pins a needle with a blunt tip of our head future kitty and ears But if you got your eyes somewhere
  • 09:40: here here here in the center shaft easier i Currently knitting so I eyes turned out here what am I sewing now are not bunny ears ears seals and yet these are our here's our little head guns will sew somewhere here center so here eyes so takushki designed for two times three 4 5 on top
  • 10:17: pin here lower somewhere must be at level 1 peephole a little diagonal
  • 10:50: so we odnushka get 2 spoons pin like it while I won't pin it so that we don’t interfered with for sewing ears take a needle Here we take the ear, you can even a little bit
  • 11:21: more like this can be a little bit closer who likes in principle and you are here can manifest that might even be better to come here brought about sew on
  • 11:54: in this manner first stitch we catch only one here's the side second stitch
  • 12:27: knight fourth and so on to the edge here sewn ears to the edge
  • 13:01: unfold and in the same way only here from this side we sew the second but you need to step back a little bit in the same 100 way here is one bar fits away u so sew this side here
  • 13:50: cat sewn sew the second eyelet is similar to the first these are our cat ears have turned out will do
  • 14:23: catfish antennae for this I take the line for beadwork is not me It turns out 3 mm diameter here such is black we cut off about 6 8 pieces of 20 centimeters here
  • 14:57: take one antenna 2 we pass like that 11 and tie two knots with one hand and on the other hand
  • 15:32: Here is such a small bundle OMS patient turned out now we take a needle we find where we will be approximately
  • 16:11: antennae and stick not here instead holes up between the pillars and in itself we introduce a column parallel to this man on the other hand, if it fails pulling a needle help ourselves pliers so almost no pulling
  • 16:42: about pull about jerked and now it turns out the antennae here they go inside back and forth but out to pull out make an effort to make this thing more more to strengthen you can tie more knots so it turns out here so pulled up and with
  • 17:15: the other side also so it's about tying pulled in the other side is all our whiskers secured securely so do another three or four times here are such a mustache
  • 17:46: they turned out see a little twisted curves this case can be fixed by holding the line over steam or neatly steamed iron our antennae are ready to similar do the way if we want cilia and embroider spout do a weighting as the video did give the link I'll leave here somewhere here
  • 18:20: at the top of the video here is such a little head Kitty we got if you given the video was helpful don't forget back me up as a finger if you are not following me subscribe sure to put bell to not miss my new videos and also write in comments what questions are you interested in me
  • 18:52: more or less oriented that more requested Thank you all for watching and all for now. until