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Пасхальные кролики своими руками/ DIY Easter bunnies. ХоббиМаркет  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello dear friends with you svetlana short today i will show how can make easter bunnies [music] everything is very simple here cut rabbits from the ceiling tiles the template I took no not just on the Internet and went to the page where the master bake various curly gingerbread I displayed the picture and circled I already tried to make a pen out of it and such a bunny further everything is simple
  • 00:32: cut friends i wiped what i have a pen but I do not advise you to do this because smudge [music] I'm going to cut the front foot yet
  • 01:02: stick draw in principle I and and I can't arbitrarily hit the pen but but I will have a purple silhouette now we take paint and paint me I paint everything with acrylic paints [music] I plan to make putty now
  • 01:34: bulk elements now simultaneously doing two jobs this is a big easter egg so me there was a putty with acrylic paint [music] beautiful such a complex color turned out
  • 02:12: friends all stencils I buy on Aliexpress bought some very long they may not even be already the seller, therefore, I can not credit I will close those places do not need to go there hit putty now cuts out the amount and flower
  • 02:45: you can cut I'll try now push and then cut out [music] putty dried perry I cover acrylic varnish [music] the wire is very thin now I'm her
  • 03:39: twist the fight pieces of paper and glue [music] hang somewhere because they
  • 04:26: weightless rear loop doing as you can come up with some kind of stand with altogether the design is very stable but because it is actually weightless and what wand turned tail I added
  • 04:57: because he was very lacking there and I I say goodbye to you today thank you for watching the likes subscribe to my channel before new meeting [music]