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  • 00:00: how are you doing jamie olga alive from London Hackney and Today we celebrate day of australia all apladiruyut apladiruyut in general we will prepare today is wonderful word pie Australians they are very serious refer to their pies so that brothers and sisters australia we will divide with you your love for pies on our channel great recipe stew and best in the world of dough
  • 00:31: murderous australian pie proceed first most important kilogram of pulp and I just I'll cut it into pieces by centimeter thick and add black pepper a teaspoon and a further Half Muscat walnut just on the corpse and olive oil about two dining rooms Spoons directly into meat and a good pinch of salt and now I will massage and it is already beginning
  • 01:01: to appear a taste of two frying pans well warmed up and I like should fry the meat I'll wash my hands further little olive oil in another frying pan 4 sprigs of rosemary 400 grams of oil carrots and onions there and let these vegetables fed eat 10 minutes and while it's happens to listen small narezochku from a DJ barbecue Jiri hole ice edge excellent thank you
  • 01:44: DJ and janara are all like always great and now a little good beer Australians cook good beer open the light of Cooper brewery and if you like beer go to our channel there brothers truckers do reviews on beer and among there is another this beer so you go see and subscribe okay back to the meat the frying pan is very hot and everything is already fried
  • 02:14: add a beer approximately 150 milliliters to collect all clinging to the bottom and while it is evaporated I want to run everything full dining room a spoonful of flour and all mix well add a bit here sweets tomato mashed a tablespoon mix and add wonderful caramelized vegetables look just wonderful we created a small the basis is added milliliters of 600 water
  • 02:44: it is necessary that the liquid everything is covered and I want to do one more thing add mushrooms 200 grams of frying pan I love this powerful fragrance if you need more water and add and decrease fire to only slightly boiled cover and let it be prepared an hour and a half I wrote down a small video how to draw excellent pastry so go on to our channel and look there so friends are dough
  • 03:19: rested in fridge somewhere half an hour-hour I cut it and one a third I will postpone with flour above and now I'm his roll out rolling away from ourselves to you need to roll yourself millimeters 34 thick and simple wrapped around rolling pin and spinning unfold all very simple cut into half
  • 03:51: and again by half and then cut off with a knife superfluous so we fill our wonderful molds look good trimming dough we blind them together and unroll cut into 4 parts and now I will smear it Egg to dough stuck together we take the dough we put on top and again crop excess now take the plug and press it like this
  • 04:22: still greater and index and other the demonstrative fingers do here such protectors and that's what it is necessary make small cuts from above to steam came out and we ready for rock and roll these wonderful small pies I again I will grease with an egg and we send these portions in the oven bake 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees look
  • 04:54: beautiful golden friable dough here friends are a tribute our Australian brothers with a day Australia to razlomlyu I him opened the pie and look wonderful filling perfect dough this just fly like this friends are beautiful home-made pie no