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Which time I prepare, NEVER bothers ☆ Simple and fast pie to tea ☆ Apricot pie  See details »

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  • 00:00: assalamu aleikum today we prepare apricot pie First we take sugar and add to it melted butter before 3 consider the nationality to further add eggs mix whisk now asked for flour and add the baking powder spatula knead dough we separate two third of the test and lay out this part of the form for baking my shape size 25 on 35 centimeters will be distributed evenly bottom and fork will make punctures apricots we will separate from the pieces
  • 00:31: we will cut out laid out and level the remaining dough is sprinkled with flour and roll it into a layer and then cut it stripes and we will make a reticule on pie now bake at 180 degrees 40 45 minutes the ready pie is cooled and sprinkled sugar apricot can replace on peaches plum or any other fruit prepares such a pen simply and quickly be sure to take it in your I wish you all the best and
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