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Сказать что это Вкусно - значит ничего не сказать! Сахарный Пирог со Сливками вместо Крема!  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends today offer a recipe sugar cake despite the fact that he without filling it turns out juicy fragrant airy wonderful caramel crust top and cream instead of cream let's I will prepare for the pie flour milk cream butter sugar eggs dry yeast sleep and vanilla and sugar prepare the brew 100 grams of warm
  • 00:32: milk I will add 6 grams of dry yeast can be replaced with fresh it will be 10 12 grams and add one tablespoon here sugar all move and leave our bog literally for 10 minutes to rose characteristic frothy cap to see that our yeast activated need 2 eggs [music]
  • 01:02: 100 grams soft butter cream and mix all rubbed add a bag of vanilla sugar a pinch of salt because it's time to come here characteristic chifflet has already appeared
  • 01:32: pour out [music] and we will sift 250 grams of flour [music] by them [music] knead dough for everyone [music]
  • 02:03: it should make it know watery viscous but it's normal it no need to knead it all shuffle just well so what dough is ready everything is well mixed we cover a towel and remove to a warm place for 1 hour so It was 1:00 dough I grew Three times its principle. press down to ease lubricate
  • 02:34: little hand vegetable oil [music] so I prepared a form in which I will bake me this is glass mad i smeared with butter and I'll be dough I will lay out his forms with my hands shape it so the dough again I cover with a towel
  • 03:07: and clean in a warm place for proofing another 30 minutes for sprinkling me need 50 grams of butter I rub it on a grater and I will connect with 130 grams of sugar sugar can you can adjust a little less or more it all depends on your preference principle sugar with butter can , too, or with a fork stretch or crush because it is convenient I just rubbed me
  • 03:42: so convenient to combine sugar in principle the dressing is ready we remove it while in fridge dunking my finger in vegetable oil and make such here small grooves [music] so sprinkle with powder deepening principle to do in order so that the oil does not flow and all penetrated
  • 04:13: inside [music] and put in a preheated oven temperature 180 degrees baking time 25-30 minutes check readiness wooden skewers [music] when you have the cake ready to pour I have 200 grams of cream on top
  • 04:43: evenly [music] return to the oven again literally for 5 minutes [music]
  • 05:15: [music] friends such a pie is preparing easier simple and it turns out incredibly tasty put likes write comments
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