Anatoliy Kodak

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Than to drill red-hot steel. We drill a saw from a fast-cut  See details »

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  • 00:00: how and what drill hot steel well probably knows everything that's the question of how the better I do it I do this like that in the rod hard-alloy tungsten cobalt in the people will win but in fact it will not win this vk8 we clamp the hand-held tisochki and do from
  • 00:35: drill bit download extra on the usual on the grindstone is very difficult to sharpen hard that I I use you need It turned out to be such a feather now
  • 01:12: we grind the cutting edges [applause] got an urn [applause] of course you could use the usual carbide drills But still I would have to re-sharpen them and why remake when you can do
  • 01:42: our drive on a drop of oil is not blackened at all with such sharpening a drill is not necessary slides on this [music] [music]
  • 02:13: change the cutting part and the hole is ready for half a minute and hot steel drilled let's make our experiment will take
  • 02:52: stronger hard steel high-speed hss the same drop of oil 5 second
  • 03:24: the cutting edge is dulled means that it is necessary to make it is necessary to refine or take another drill bit which I did every time I take another firm [laugh]
  • 03:56: [music] again A drop of oil is changed to another and we drill [music] and the finishing touch
  • 04:34: the cheese has already started to go out But at the exit it was hooked and released hard alloy is very brittle and at the output very often crumbles just some two minutes and hole in steel
  • 05:09: done thank you all for attention