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Нарядная корзинка для пасхальных яиц/ Egg basket DIY. ХоббиМаркет  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello dear friends with you svetlana short today i will do basket for easter eggs from eggs trays [music] Egg tray friends I cut out so much I want to cut as many cells as I want cells I cut straight to the top of the board to me corrugated height here on top four and a half centimeters in length 19
  • 00:34: centimeters the second side will be at 14 friends did not risk cut everything out all sides on 19 centimeters I will stick on polymer can take thick adhesive pva can it all strengthen dad so [music] and do not need anything here much extinct
  • 01:11: need to go here and all crawled it [music] then sealed it with hot glue make a bottom
  • 01:42: [music] friends here is my rope from fix price store [music] after a few turns you can already
  • 02:18: switch to polymer glue to work and faster and a little bit more economical [music] pasted up here with such lace [music]
  • 02:49: friends are now inside I'll be everything
  • 03:20: white acrylic paint why I did not do it before because what cardboard could get lucky and now everything is firmly glued together now neatly tinted everything I paint and dry it all dried up once this basket need to invent a pen case ropes pulled out of her middle here such a thread and put in there a wire delays i'm thin bends very well
  • 03:50: most importantly bend the tip a little bit here, so bend and well flatten with all sides so that no where we have nothing cling now pulling out this middle cord [music] but
  • 04:22: everything came out where the delay came I her bend [music] I am wrapping this part with a rope
  • 04:59: [music] there and you can now return in reverse direction just stacking up the whip flowers the length of the rope which I
  • 05:29: cut off allows me to do it right decorate these joints pens friends turned out like this beautiful and light in execution
  • 05:59: basket [music] friends I want to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday of Easter and wish you happiness, health and everything the very best she today with you say goodbye thank you for watching the likes subscribe to my channel before new meeting [music]