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  • 00:00: Hi everyone, how are you? I'm going to show today. For you, another model of personal vessel Just how cool is it hanging here in the wall was not made with a pvc tube and I'll show you now the details of how it was done come on let's see [Music] [Applause] the staff but we will use tubes of 100 is the one with the
  • 00:31: the cap glued because he was from another project that I had that did not going well and I'm going to take advantage make the games Okay, here, it's already been cut. It was aligned, did not that little bit here to know if she had an account and this piece here we'll save it for use to make the risks ok jazz and not understand why the first people will mark here
  • 01:02: let's take a risk I'm going to use a mason's rule here you do not have a mason rule you can use a batten to piece way something like you puts Here, on the other hand, it supports the table and make the risk here today out here it is going to be quiet from here to see you
  • 01:37: now here we will mark 10 cents or a toilet then 10 cents with monica the other side also has 10 cm and we also have a mason's ruler have the here are three risks to 1
  • 02:08: here jumps 10 cents to the aricá ironic the same thing in a space of 10 centimeters among the risks the first ta here we'll dial staff 10 centimeters here o
  • 02:38: we marked 10 centimeters the remaining 27 years to skip and 20 and 21 10 30 50 and 70 then we skipped this middle risk here and on the other that here we see we Let's jump and twenty in twenty also only
  • 03:09: that in the other we started with 10 cents, what we are already going to 28 a 20 40 60 and 80 already lives here we go that piece of high barrel and paris here what we do we put it here to facilitate risk to the attack
  • 03:41: first the markup that we here we put it we put it up here and we take the first risk here in the other we also do the same again. here and here and here and on the other side also here we
  • 04:14: we live here is the 2020 division in diameter right [Music] [Music] then this little piece of cane here O makes it a lot easier for you to marking so how did you stay here ten centimeters
  • 04:44: distance here we jumped 20 and 21 and in the another here we already started alive we went to the plan of 20 and 21 hours We come here, you 're cutting slowly. here is the limit of the risk that we We did
  • 05:19: we come to this lower then the risk that we had here O is the limiter to stay all the cuts of the same size to hear what also [Music] for that we will make the fund to whom all the courts ally in all of them here
  • 05:50: is ready everyone is awake Now if you're going to paint I suggest you I'm sorry, now I'm going to heating I suggest you close already because this makes it much easier do not be trash, it's more or less ready for silva then go facilitate won karol beck staff
  • 06:22: pick up a thermal blower is here has 1500 watts it is quite powerful but if you do not have a blower like This one you can use the stove also gives to do normally it will attenuate the top here in the cup bar upper bound not only a damp cloth not to burn the
  • 06:53: hand but will also cool faster hard and your classic faster you come here it holds here a damp cloth quickens a lot of personal work that will harden much faster will be a dry cloth ready
  • 07:24: but already bought another [Applause] the same thing on a cloth and safety for him in English and mother is not tight much of the person who does not this part here It does not look very pretty in there. just enough to see me open
  • 07:54: Here is then in the second part we'll go happening here is also for him to open the beak here or stay a little bit here [Music] now here folks we'll use the one
  • 08:24: tube a piece of everything pipe flap of 50mm is can be white only that white it will mature more fast and if it is more resistant to thicker wall so it would be ideal to do this can also be a repertoire of wood redon if you have ok we'll do it now try to take the issue aside here , low guy You have to know why
  • 08:58: What you're pressing matters is I let him know the whole first Part I did then I came here all day here and there people put the field here gives a pressed to be able to make the nozzle here o Look, I have to be a little bit more because this same thing we come here with damp cloth to expedite the process not This little pussy is here, how's it going?
  • 09:35: different here and here zenon and Thursday to see each other now same thing [Music] when to grow up I said to soften and still more. [Applause] [Music] now we're going to lynch the burr here
  • 10:12: apart here to see this now it's okay easier initial sale because I I said where charles is now, how is it? more difficult in this can the whole painting is already closed By facilitating well you have been and it is process trash from sharon and produced mouth I think we will head I will say 'I only have two more minutes in the channel other models that took my well
  • 10:49: similar but other format others models I'll leave in the description the link to who with whom you still know the to know has a vase of do's and pvc of two meters high and little It's really cool, but we're going mark O about 25 cm here I I already scored a little on the risk side. here o
  • 11:22: exactly at risk a little bit inside of the shield and another risk is the same thing 25 centimeters a little inside here we are going to make two hole caps that will be fixing the vase in my case it will be hanging on the wall already then I'll have to make these holes here for do the fixing on the wall there is still a small of xabi alonso and
  • 11:52: now comes the final finish the staff here folks in this future here What do we see our two holes here? we'll get tape falls right only from within here we come back here, pass here
  • 12:23: she is there going inside're coming here then fixing her attachment She will stay inside the field to stay. with a better finish, right? hence this part here
  • 12:53: We're going to put a hook on the wall, right? and that part here goes the hook so here folks first that hole here I already had another project, right? So who's going to start from scratch? will have a new part is to drill holes here that the drill to do the drill does not It has to be this way, let's not do it. training here
  • 13:25: Let's get a stone in here. inside the people, right? the first one starts from the bottom puts and focuses here to accommodate its rest here Look at her sitting here, I do not know.
  • 14:00: pass from the other bottom this one from here the same thing is presenting here the earth english people are liking that That's cool for people who we thanks a lot okay liked this channel content staff goes there writes who helps
  • 14:31: quite a lot OK here the tape is cool you come in hook that is already on the wall ok places here and it does not get very easy put on the wall and firmly or not is in danger of falling and looks pretty good
  • 15:03: goal So, you leave the one who's nice to We always ask and does not fail to enroll in the channel that not many things Legal cool legal Thank you and until the next video is God want