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Печенье сметанное. Хоть каждый день пеки, так вкусно и просто.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, I want Irina volovik homemade cookies such lung marks simple instant and to mind recipe comes with sour cream cookies take 150 grams of sour cream 100 grams of butter she already I have a soft flour take too 150 grams she sifted and adding a teaspoon to it without baking powder baking powder mix with flour and pour out this one Sour cream oil mass slightly stirred and spilled on the table and on
  • 00:30: I'll knead all the crumbs with my hands I collect in one ball if there is not enough flour to collect everything in a lump why flour need add 1 spoon there is not enough flour for sprinkling must be filled with flour it must be such a soft and soft dough I put in bag and refrigerate in refrigerator 40 minutes and i roll out the chilled dough dough rolled out about 07 08 thick
  • 01:01: took one yolk slightly added water so that it is not very viscous and lubricates the whole surface then sprinkle plentifully sugar and slice cookies I covered the parchment and all the cookies I put on this parchment oven already warmed up to 190 degrees these cookies baked very quickly for 10-15 minutes and now the cookie is ready and so is she she looked a little raised became
  • 01:33: thicker and inside but as a puff is very tasty and tender cook it quite simple and quickly bake such cookies and Treat your loved ones all of you good to new meetings