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How to draw гуашью!#Dari_Art #рисоватьМОЖЕТкаждыè apple  See details »

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  • 00:00: video lesson like draw an apple gouache detailed list of materials search for this video First, let's take thin brush brown color and strongly disassemble it water so transparent color will begin to do markup note the approximate size of an apple its central shape part of the provision
  • 00:35: twigs and approximate the long line became further we take a large flat brush mix brown with dark blue and start around the apple close the background large strokes further in color add more brown and
  • 01:05: continue to close background with large strokes now add kraplak and continue dark color close up background large strokes further all we add more brown and start closing table top also large smears closer to me can make a stack
  • 01:47: lighter on slightly add white and close surface talent large strokes add even more white and light color close the rest surface accurately also large smears now we take kraplak add there
  • 02:17: purple and start close with color an Apple thym his left side just as large smear add color more crab eye slightly brown and close the data color bottom part apple is also in a circle this color
  • 03:02: apples we take red add to this color and continue close apples the apple will be to become lighter the cores accurately also close large strokes add in paint a lot of yellow
  • 03:32: orange color continue to close body remains with us only central part the central part close clean yellow color we take thin brush and and start a detailed blending
  • 04:02: dark blue with brown and celebrate shadow under the apple whomever leads stronger add color
  • 04:34: a little white on circle make a shadow slightly lighter and from the subject always become lighter therefore further wet with a clean brush blur the border Shadows to make it smooth transition further we type
  • 05:08: red bottom apple light up a little God add some color purple and will do smooth transition from
  • 05:38: red red purple return to red color and the volume of the apple start adding texture of peel neat masochka my how would I build volume apple superimpose masochki
  • 06:09: we do it around perimeter as if all skin tends to the central part apples further we take kraplak and continue to add the texture of the rind exactly the same mosaics
  • 06:41: by movement by volume an apple add color purple and continue work at
  • 07:11: us left side shadow so shadow masochki more degree we add with left side go back to orange add more yellow and mark and continue to celebrate
  • 07:43: texture of peel exactly the same my mosaic in volume already light color also in this color in places by contour select the apples mainly
  • 08:29: outline the contour with right side with left only in places will slip bright areas further we take an open yellow color and continue skinning Our task is to to make a heart apple is lighter so mainly yellow masochki we put
  • 08:59: it is closer to core and places also yellow highlight the outline apple color we attach green-yellow a little whitewashed gold color close heart of masochki
  • 09:29: impose exactly by the volume of apples add color slightly brown and the most central part then there is no place where We will be a little more leg brown dark
  • 10:01: blue and add the darkest part take kraplak add black there and add the most shadow in the plot for apples mainly on the lower left apples are active shadow add
  • 10:31: voice past the point similar add by volume an Apple further the same color
  • 11:05: mark the foot twig is mixed white with brown and light color celebrate the bright patches on a branch a bit of my guard color and a little bit more light areas on twig back to dark color outline twigs we will specify
  • 11:35: mix brown with black and strengthen the shadow under the apple itself clean wet tassel border shading further white-brown
  • 12:11: add more white and hard glow on the table around the shadow predominantly with right side, we reinforce from above further white color we put a glare on apples glare also add by volume
  • 12:45: then come back black and red add more krablaka and do soft transition from Shadows on I will be on that's all
  • 13:20: drawing is ready big Thank you for attention if you like video lesson then be sure put your finger up and tell about it friends remember what to draw can everyone with you was darya pt until till