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  • 00:00: while you have my dear ones on cleaning presidential chair this discovery coloring rub if you become the owner set coloring ton I congratulate you you are really waiting fascinating way where you can tell yourself as an artist today analyzing my work I discovered its first paint and remembered that when I only started painting me there were a lot of questions I was embarrassed about set so today I would like to tell you to accumulate powers that are not It's worth doing with your first coloring
  • 00:32: I'll start with the brushes, of course. brushes with us there are three blue standard for battle the story of Kamalia is not to be insolent Chinese brushes were attached there blue literally on the second day of forgot that they must be washed I ran to the child who woke up and asked cats immediately I just ataevoy gun I think that will be back literally within ten minutes
  • 01:02: and oral in the end, the next morning I found absolutely hear the news we are dealing with acrylic paints polymerizes, that is, wither for about thirty seconds up to five minutes on hands it happens still faster as a result, then I lost immediately all before and hassles literally the next day these artistic the shop receives the money other brushes
  • 01:34: otherwise I would not have the opportunity finish the job if you are already Experienced artist and you have more than one finished picture you can of course take brushes from previous sets The first thing you do not need to do if you tell your first paint this leave the brush not washed unusual in him otherwise you run the risk of sticking to hassles the next most common error
  • 02:04: which I also suffered from me and again with the first once with paint not very tight closing jars with paint in fact they are closed by the future point I ask to draw the attention of the authorities the paint accumulates and if it is not removed and close the jar together with the paint left on the lid then here it turns out for a dollar here and now the jar has closed unevenly come here in the air for the next
  • 02:34: day you discover the paint that look completely withered to work with this paint no longer possible decree to hear white paint are not subject to so the next thing you should not do leave the paint on the porch and be sure to keep track of what you butterfly closing heat fiber and the cover of power runs around radius so I lost blue shades in its work makes I bought this family paint
  • 03:06: additionally in the store of artistic goods the next thing you should not do if it's your first coloring page this is excessively liquid acrylic paints with water yes the manufacturer write us instructions that if the colors are faster enough you You can add water to mix the paint and make them more fluid target systems but if you are not very experienced in dealing with fire and paints throng what consistency you need is impossible
  • 03:36: and most often paints beginning artists are bred to the state of very very liquid sour cream and then when applied on canvas such paint will not close the world and Donetsk regions so before to breed paints all the more to breed all paints try please can you work with such paint as it is a plot on the sea without dilution
  • 04:06: first the curves of the paint will seem to you cotton wool but they should be like that in fact they are not what I am now she took the paint on the brush and she sees should be thick enough she practically preserves shape does not drip directly onto the brushes snow if now I'll try to carry it on Paper will you paint that distributed well just such a thick paint I'm more beautiful I practically did not call acorn paints with water that is, how they come up with such ideas
  • 04:37: use no, I do not like staining help many times and not only because Putin remains open so the next thing we do not do is first time paint it's not paint an excessive zhitkov first we will paint paints the way they are us for pain The next test of our book is coloring only with electrical light of I as a young mother had the opportunity popiaritsya colorize coloring only in the evening
  • 05:07: so I would sit down naturally when word that has already come I asked you often in the end, literally a week later I raised her flourishes as flourishes already with her husband and business that wherever I have this coloring White flowers they were painted two layers to me shines through all wherever I have painted dark the roof and there were so-called white dots this means that the paint is not stained inside
  • 05:37: grain canvas and thus performed the work looks sloppy so even if you only paint on pile be sure to find at least on weekends 5 10 minutes to attentively the work consider in daylight fibers and determine what works and palm you still have to do a coloring Well and certainly it is necessary to get good lighting if you do not have the opportunity paint it Well, finally the last thing I do not
  • 06:07: I advise doing with its first coloring it varnish yes many manufacturers put we have a direct sets of here to this work Mingalev lag Attached and I did not use the attacks why because I'm absolutely sure I knew that after some lapse time The shortcomings left in this work they will not give Nepal you know, I want to return to this coloring and finish I left this work uncovered and you
  • 06:39: I know it is not covered in lacquer conversation. on this topic on pc I despite the fact that this work Completely completed it is not varnished If you are worried about your own safety fairy tales I can say that acrylic paints very resistant to them does not burn out when sunlight they are very well preserved it is sufficiently wet and dry premises therefore in an additional protection acrylic headquarter
  • 07:10: our acrylics are with you not visible therefore for the safety of his inhabitants do not worry lacquer coating has more aesthetic value since good by the way milan It will make your work more like oil paints not initiative I strongly advise you not to cover your first lacquer coloring because dad he experienced you want that Putin
  • 07:40: on this all my friends I hope that these tips were helpful they will help you paint your first time paint and to receive from it the maximal pleasure as well as these tips will help you avoid the most common errors fedin whip I wish you creative success with you was Petra Wakata and Coloring Rub