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"Летящие птицы", как нарисовать композицию 🎨АКВАРЕЛЬ и ГУАШЬ! ДЕМО Мастер-класс  See details »

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  • 00:00: I greet you my dear creatively friends today with you Fedorov Kate and channel draw remind you that finished sketches for our master classes in that number and to this you can find on Patreone or VKontakte they are available and at any subscription level and given Master Class its full version which lasts a little more than an hour it is also available from any subscription level so join and You can write this work with me with
  • 00:30: detailed comments main topic this work This application of gouache and watercolor and in one job including when working on wet today background and this beautiful clouds sky we write as you can see using with one side, I spread a palette this is watercolor on the other side of ervil shades of gouache and by itself this topic work
  • 01:01: it is inspired by one of the brightest impressions this summer I can probably say on this moment this is it already passed over his half and for me it turned out to be a flight of our pipe under St. Petersburg there is such a place called playstation that is, the flight station which It represents the aero town after preliminary briefing which is however quite long where the instructor tells in detail what
  • 01:34: what not to do you actually have the opportunity to go to the pipe manages of course special helmet costumes shoes I had my sneakers and under the guidance of an instructor as well the person who controls the glass air flow rate you can feel real parachutist jumped out of the plane without
  • 02:04: parachute because of course no parachute no need no flight it takes place all at a distance about a meter and a half from the grid which taut and the biggest question here you are you can see for now how was my flight it was me on a small the videos that I now show you myself The big question for me was when I watched videos of other participants of this the action why the person flies and next to
  • 02:37: him the instructor is really his some sneakers special there stuffed with stones and they on and cast iron magnetic why does he stick a man flies through the air quite calmly on In fact, all things are certainly in surface that is the human body here As I try to fly, I don’t know enough or elegantly it turns out in anyway the theme of the bird which today selected and I flew with my friends
  • 03:09: flew we had three themes choose beautiful fine swans my hand did not rise therefore today all the same we will be geese and so easy for account of the fact that he is an instructor feet down vertically an area so big does not lift it the air itself in the pipe it is extraordinary it is as elastic as jelly you can practically try to touch him sometimes
  • 03:39: there was an impression that he was you can really lean that is, it is so unusual and feeling it is not possible to feel in no other conditions, there are two option this flight in the wind tunnel which in general it is very safe it is easier and cheaper in the end than airplane flight when you need lift up on the plane before so we could then be able to jump
  • 04:09: thread p is of course very safe every minute of my stay trumpet I felt inner confidence that my instructor keeps everything under control i have mastered lifting up down moving right to left rotation communicate inside the pipe is impossible that is everything happened only signs but on actually preliminary instruction which I repeat is enough a long flight by itself he
  • 04:39: small that is this minute 2 and then there were two more calls in total i 10 minutes the rule seems to be that time very short truth in fact she giant at first i'm tired incredibly and secondly, for starters, I would say that two or three minutes is enough time stretches on another time stretches much slower you think that you spend so some half an hour all
  • 05:09: happens unusually intensely at me was an experience airplane jumping is not as rich as probably would like to since the second touchdown did not occur very well, I decided it was completely not mine and now later in fact 20 years I have not the possibility come back and experience the unforgettable sensations it was they who became such
  • 05:39: inspiring moment for this job which are largely experimental then I haven't had a long time for me wanted to portray us like you felt in the tube believe me I did not feel 60 s the extra kilo aunt who trying to fly awkwardly in the tube no you really feel there fully unfolded bird in flight however banal and lofty it is
  • 06:09: sounded and I wanted to write a job just such a light air depicting us three people participants flight free vortex flowery and a girl i like to write this is how it came together composition about their own paints very often Frequently asked question right from the newbies he is in the top 3 most asked questions why start watercolor or
  • 06:40: gouache actually such a choice should not stand at all you can with ease of combining these two materials they give reveal the possibilities of a friend friend's full like you just saw you can write watercolor background with gouache on the left we used only watercolor the middle was mixed and on the right it gouache all the same technology that we use when writing these fans
  • 07:12: wet it and choosing a napkin in addition water infusion and color infusion is all You can make it out of gouache water soluble pigment before drying it will be more pastel due to white bases which are present in gouache paints and still see how much harmoniously These two materials are combined and work here's the next in layering writing gouache she gives more opportunities for
  • 07:44: expressions of intent Here are such small details Here are such small flowers, flowers, this vortex if I described it using only I would use watercolors either reserve or somehow bypass these places because i was showing here just a few what's called seconds ago how do paints behave differently when overlay
  • 08:14: entered this or watercolor watercolor always will be dimmer because in the back our plan is cobalt emerald when overlaying yellow will always go green when overlay red always go away brown is about watercolor if we put gouache on it yourself more dense we have more with you of opportunities flowers are brighter if you want more brighter you can put two three layers you can use and your capabilities
  • 08:47: create volume on paper work get more decorative you can match the watercolor back plan more convex flowers i.e. masses opportunities with two materials perfectly friendly with each other we all know gouache master class she is very good fine quality but shades which are included in the set is obtained budget but they are not very extensive
  • 09:17: often shout by friends that you can't find my lilac purple light shade using which you wrote lilac it is much where in afremov and i him i often i turn it on I buy it separately a large amount of I write a lot so I have a big paint consumption if you are just learning you may not be so obvious is the need for this acquisitions so here if you want
  • 09:47: to diversify your palette you can mix freely watercolor and gouache we take white color white gouache we take necessary shades that you need but you do not have them homemade watercolor thus make up your own gouache that is water pigment on white base no bundle or any there will be no other misfortunes I repeat these two colors they
  • 10:17: get along well with each other and of course for beginners it is beautiful the ability to adjust some disadvantages on the brand to return the whiteness of those areas that need here please i will detail with you discuss on one of the birds on the cheeks at geese such white cheeks heads i reserved a plot that is not
  • 10:48: poured did not go there blue on the other two birds of the neck are completely flooded that is, there is both green and blue that how to be please where reserved area we write it neatly go around it will be snow white in the same place where the sky is already written we will add white and I love white better in two three layers but thin if you go to the side of the greater decoration and
  • 11:20: pastoznost greet at work then there is such decorative item can and price titanium white to use they for denser but repeat i love more liquid dilution in several layers we also know that very often watercolor paper thick it can be not snow-white especially bleached without acids she very often has such view of the yellowish undertone for some moments may want snow white here now
  • 11:53: whites if these are portraits these can be glare on the eyes of some here are moments in that sense gouache also irreplaceable watercolors diluted liquid we can emphasize some accents and if you broke out then listen to gouache and we can color this watercolor I showed reception in master classes on watercolors when we wrote birds we wrote birds in pink colors and second master class was a hydrangea bird and
  • 12:25: hydrangeas we are thus more juicy shade plumage added with you these multiple mixing techniques materials enrich ours with you opportunities we can better uncover the idea here is in my case the composition with three birds this composition has I showed great potential in master class how to work with sketches
  • 12:55: channel now there are over a hundred of them you can freely combine create your own compositions is such the composition may have many variations it geese yes that is like i already told me It seems these birds are more let's say better reveal our characters can small birds write tiny the composition will be totally different, you can
  • 13:28: enable stork if we say you want write a postcard to the birth of a child or it could be a pair of pure white swans like this the same We change the background writing birds get different meanings regarding plumage do you write whites swans or here's how in my case geese
  • 13:58: whose plumage is gray in nature try to avoid pure straight colors interpretation here this is what is called in the Dajo forehead gray and if we divorce you black neutral we will get very a dull flat shade that won't fit well and organically final I chose a mixture for these birds purple and nets and that's such a gentle
  • 14:29: eggplant tint different amount chains and purple in various combinations and sometimes added white sometimes where necessary again where you need to open a big master class We look at everything in detail and also I highly recommend especially for those who wish write white birds in this please remember the colors which exists around white objects and here it is some parts of the wings or little bird body color will be reflected then
  • 15:03: there is a snow-white he will cease to be poked them there will be both greenish and bluish color orientation the surroundings can be pinkish look at the variety of colors flying petals we got here it is also important to comply volumes difference in volumes uno tiny flowers literally in one touching thin brushes and more such massive birds oh well my friends
  • 15:34: waiting for you on the full version of this master class repeat it is available on patreone also you can get access through contact contacting me work in the final the form looks like this very much I recommend to all for new fresh impressions summer at fly station feel in flight with you was personnel Kate and channel draw wish you vivid impressions this summer all bye
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